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    He was shoved against a locker, all because of who he loved. He had just watched as his boyfriend was hurt, hurt to the point of bleeding and laying on the ground moaning, unable to move. And now he himself was being hurt as well. Despite that he had been unable to protect his love, and despite that he is now unable to protect himself, he does not…[Read more]

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    Her body appeared as though from nowhere. I had to blink a few times to make sure that it was even there, that this had actually happened, and it was not a trick of the light. As I watched, the strange woman’s body had appeared across the room, conjured up from thin air.

  • I walk through the hallways, glancing at the animals, roaring in their cages alongside me. I am above them, clearly–otherwise I wouldn’t be here, walking to my throne. My electric throne which will bring me peace, prosperity. I have been sentenced to… What? Is it death? Or is it royalty?

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    Sleep is a beautiful thing. It can bring relaxation both to the body and to the mind, and when things are going poorly, sleep brings a break from life which can sometimes be desired by the less fortunate. Yes, sleep can unquestionably be the best thing on the planet, yet it can be interrupted by a simple /knock/.

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    The cold stone floor is covered with crimson red, pouring from the body lying on the ground. I shiver as I remember the feeling of bumping into that body with my feet and then realizing who it was, lying there motionless. I’m sure it will be a while before I can sleep again.

  • She was elegant; there was nothing else which could be said about her. She walked through the crowd and it was clear that everyone was looking at her. She had on the most beautiful gown of any woman in the room, her hair was a golden colour and it shone in the light.

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    It all happened in the cave. The cave where she was shoved after that one, horrible experience. She had been so happy, so happy to be going somewhere, anywhere, with who she thought were her friends. Friends who turned out to be the worst kinds of people; they hurt her and now her body will forever remain in that cave.

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    Stall. How am I supposed to stall this man? He literally cannot be stalled. I swear, he has eyes on the back of his head, and probably some on the bottoms of his feet. He can see, hear, and smell everything; it’s almost like he’s not even human. Even so, I walk up to him and do my best to at least /try/ and stall him so my friends can get through.

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    Her pants were leathery, that much I could tell in the low lighting of the club. Even so, that wasn’t what I was concentrating on; I was too distracted by how close her body was to mine, how sweet her hair smelled, and how her eyes shined brightly in the flashing lights.