• Wings clipped flight risk, I can’t live to watch you die like this…. She heard her words pounding in her ears while her feet hit the pavement and the air burned her lungs. If it had ever been possible to go faster, climb higher, or live larger, now was the time.

  • I loved him first because he was in a band. I knew it the second I saw him I was on the balcony a the Troubador and he was opening. On the guitar in a flanell. It was love at first sight and i followed him to the merch booth.

  • I had a feeling that wouldn’t let go of me, clinging to my bones like steel talons. In the waiting I found a space where the devil hid and in the moving I found a place to rest my tired mind. Every time I looked up I could see the trail from whence I had […]

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    I spent half he day thinking about whether or not I deserved his wrath. Thought that, fuck it if the world ends, what would they do with me anyway? How much worse off am I than everyone else? On the scale of wrath and vengance where do my petty infractions fall?

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    She had a mole on her face, in fact she had three and in conjunction with the other smaller surrounding freckles they created the big dipper on her left cheek, just as perfect as the one in the sky.

  • I felt tempted from miles away. I felt tempted close up. I was sure everyone in the universe that I had been coming across had been put in my path to tempt me from my chosen one. Why is it when we try the hardest things truly become the hardest?

  • It wasn’t that it had been forgotten and it certainly was not that it never happened. Some things, some moments, some breaths just fall between the cracks. They slip from your hands, and it as if they very well may have never happened.