• rAH!n commented on the post, outlet 8 years, 7 months ago

    influx, outlet. massive pillars extend from, sink into. the cilia beats and particles are pulled into the current by the swarm.

  • rAH!n commented on the post, mythology 8 years, 9 months ago

    condensed air in a catacomb, I’m gasping for breath and clutching the door of a tomb. my eyes roll back as I fall, hand sliding down the bark, and in the last instant of my blurred and fainting vision, I see a branch bursting through the wall. collapsing, my face hits the floor and it […]

  • rAH!n commented on the post, flakes 8 years, 10 months ago

    mouth hanging open, as wide as the screen door, as stillness settles over the landscape. what dream were we pulled from, why now do our hands shake? the slow-motion descent of snow flakes. the thought of reality being slowly unraveled beneath us. and then we remember the reason we chose to (overdose to) forget. that’s […]

  • rAH!n commented on the post, killed 8 years, 11 months ago

    such forced expression, depressions in the mold. the crystalline succession of water freezing cold. wandering through the symmetry of a cemetery, streetlights are foggy orbs of incandescence failing to illuminate the ground and only serving to make deep shadows darker.

  • rAH!n commented on the post, duck 8 years, 11 months ago

    below bullet holes before they exist, but only just before.

  • rAH!n commented on the post, adapt 8 years, 11 months ago

    to circumstance, color scheme or random chance. to living in your grandparents’ basement, to not having a mother, to winter in Michigan, and the idea that you aren’t leaving any time soon.

  • rAH!n commented on the post, feud 8 years, 11 months ago

    between my eyelids, an infinite space expands. an ever increasing scope of vision; beyond peripheral, beyond your wide screen television. and as it battles with shadows, it is also fighting with light. because the only comforting place to be, is on the edge of dusk.

  • rAH!n commented on the post, missed 8 years, 11 months ago

    white sheets hang over works in progress, flapping lazily in the wind. as casts of statues explode, birds erupt from their pigeon holes and synchronize with a swarm of bullets and shattered pieces of plaster.

  • rAH!n commented on the post, sweater 8 years, 12 months ago

    theories of sweaters, a rapturous unraveling. vibrations excite the string you’re composed of. a billion chords in unison, humming, produce sound in a vacuum only heard by your impossible molecules, the velocity of ossicles rising. and there are kittens displayed playing with a ball of yarn that loops around your side and ties into the […]

  • rAH!n commented on the post, sunlight 9 years ago

    a glare nagging in the periphery, a radiant display of flash grenades throwing shards of glass into the corner of your eye. the sunlight peaking through the blinds that pierces your eyelids in the morning, catapulting blankets over your face.

  • rAH!n commented on the post, used 9 years ago

    sifting through the dust of second-hand stores, I am searching for words I once knew, for an army I used to command. pages and phrases turn and tear in my hands, flutter to scraps on the floor. I feel them like phantom limbs perched on the tip of my tongue. out of focus and blurred […]

  • rAH!n commented on the post, patience 9 years ago

    breathing with the rhythm
    of a swinging, solemn thread
    silent and transfixed upon
    the patient oscillation
    distractions muffled into white noise
    feathers surfing highways
    colors blur and melt into
    pale monochrome smokescreens
    behind the totem tied pendulum

  • rAH!n commented on the post, postage 9 years ago

    words seek definition inherently, the juxtaposition of letters, spaces, punctuation. arrangements, mosaics, timelines that all lead to now, built and pieced together form words uttered, stumbled over, blurted out, sighed and whimpered, wailed and trailed off.

  • rAH!n commented on the post, hostage 9 years ago

    sometimes it feels encased in bone, held captive in my brain. such a mighty force in such tiny space to be contained.

  • rAH!n commented on the post, help 9 years ago

    pounds of atoms spinning in the distance, indistinct, wavering through heat waves melting on the blacktop. if you were the pinnacle, I am the precipice. if you were the criminal, I am the jail sentence. you are a lupine anacoluthia, jagged teeth and wagging tail.

  • rAH!n commented on the post, motel 9 years ago

    that smooth, stiff feeling of starched sheets, bleached white to remove a plethora of stains. cold under the blankets, I slide awkwardly, edges tucked in too tightly and I can’t move. silence and stillness and highway lights blind me through the crack between the drapes and the wall. I’ll lie and stare at the ceiling, […]

  • rAH!n commented on the post, divide 9 years ago

    a vision of division, through no slight mitotic excision. this is nuclear fission, the momentum of invented decision.

  • rAH!n commented on the post, becomes 9 years ago

    the threadbare fabric our coupling becomes, interwoven fallacies in a paradox pin-striped suit undone. (what a gown is this to wear? what a frown is this to wear?) every seam you sew, I tear. I wear out. patches, elastic, I’ve outgrown this. this suit was once fantastic. I didn’t used to, but now I’m noticing […]

  • rAH!n commented on the post, involved 9 years ago

    how inaccurately accurate and perfectly juxtaposed to the final, fragmented moments we shared tonight.

  • rAH!n commented on the post, horses 9 years, 1 month ago

    the galloping thunderous thud, a stampede of concrete millipedes the size of horses’ dicks, trample and sample the flesh of these city streets, where the main course is sick.