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    We’re learning about mass in school. If you divide an object’s mass be it’s volume, you’ll get its density. Now you know. Woopa.

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    It’s so easy to be happy. But sometimes, I feel like it’s not. It feels like happiness is some far off goal. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never be truly happy. Being happy is something that I miss.

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    All the signs were coming together. God, or whoever was up there, whoever was in charge, was showing me where to go. All the signs led to here. All I’ve done led to right now, this moment, and I was ready. I was […]

  • Hundred of Cats, that’s the name of the book my little sister loves when I read to her. She loves cuddling up next to me and pretending to be a kitten as I read to her about the hundreds and thousands and millions […]

  • I was so afraid of taking the chance. I was afraid of loosing everything, I was afraid of being wrong and not having anything to be happy about anymore. I was so afraid. I still am.

  • All the people in this world. So many of them you haven’t met. Did you know that every person that’s been in your dream you either know or have seen some random time in your life. Your brain can’t make up new […]

  • I hate when you take a trial on the internet and it’s really fun and then you buy whatever it is and it’s not as fun anymore :(

  • Despite what they all say, I still love you.

  • The blindness of the light hit me with force. It blasted into my eyes and I had to block my face with my hands. It made my eyes water, it made me grow hot. This was the strongest light I had ever seen, that I had […]

  • My running slowed quickly. My running partner looked back at me, his eyes concerned as I bent over, having trouble breathing. It felt like there was something stuck inside of my lungs, stopping the steady flow of […]

  • She was so dysfunctional. She couldn’t do anything without the memory of her loved ones washing back over her, like waves of grief. She would brake down and cry every time. She just couldn’t help it.

  • The towers rose high above my head. I stumbled onto the floor as I watched castles appear out through the ground. mountains vanished into land for more and more buildings; castles for everyone. It was going to be […]

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    A spa day would be so great, especially after long days at work. It would be so nice to go out with friends and spend the day being pampered. I always like cucumbers on my eyes. :)

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    Flexing my legs is great after the long day at the gym. My tan skin covering my calves is the only reward I need. I smile just looking at them, and knowing that the pain is good.

  • The stillness came over me as they searched around the room.
    “She’s not here,” one said. My eyes stayed wide open, and I tried to get as close to not breathing as I could.
    “No,” said another one. “She’s here. […]

  • She was my little miracle. The baby sister I’ve always wanted. Someone to share knowledge with, to be goofy with, and to love. My sister is so important to me.

  • I covered my face with the bed’s quilt.
    “Peek-a-boo!” Leah hops up onto my bed. I poke one eye out and we smile at each other. I’m so glad to start the morning to the smiling face of my sister.

  • I ran my hand across the dress. It felt like silk, but a kind of silk no one had ever felt before. I couldn’t put a name on it, it brought back so many memories. It reminded me of orange, of attics and green eyes. […]