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    I was once a child, and when I was that child and I was unaware of the space between me and everything else, I stood too close to the road, and a vehicle, larger than anything I could imagine, nearly ran over my toes. A lorry, was it? Yeah.

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    I wish I had a typewriter, because nostalgia is a weird thing; I’ve never owned a typewriter yet I feel like I have, and I don’t know why I feel like that. Isn’t that weird. Ha ha. Hah hah. Hah.

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    Defy yourself. Defy your limitations; defy your prejudices. You are better than you tell yourself.

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  • Another length of time has passed. I stumble across this site again. Still struggling to finish my book and continue compiling sort stories for a different book.

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    Izah watched from the underbrush as a malnourished white girl posed with a spear. She wondered if CosmoGirl was going to make spears a trend, if girls from England were going to buy pink-feathered spears like that one from the “strip mall.” The model jutted her hip as Izah spat on the ground, turning her back on the ridiculous scene.

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    There were many trails leading through the forest, and they would’ve been a joy to skip through, but I was too tired and I just stayed at home to play Monopoly. I lost all my money in the first fifteen minutes.

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    The number sat, unlistening, open newspaper hiding an indifferent face.

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    take off–she said. why? I said. Because I had to, she said, because—because I had to–I had to–don´t you understand? I thrust out my wings, I jumped, and the wind was sharp. I was running out of time.

  • What goes around comes around. Everything works in cycles.

  • robyn commented on the post, hardly 5 years ago

    if we are all just mirrors
    of the places we’ve born witness to,
    then i would still love him for all of it

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    Frown is such an unattractive word. I’m tempted to rhyme it, but I loathe cliche`s.

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    The broom. The team. The craze. The chore I dare not do.

  • I like to consider myself educated and worldly. In reality, I’ve only visited one country outside of the USA. How worldly could I possibly be?

  • I was a very angry kid. I had my reasons to be furious, but I’m glad I learned to let go.

  • I can’t compare your eyes
    to a starry night
    because they hold more
    beauty than a thousand universes.

    I can’t compare your voice
    to a Mozart symphony
    because you sing songs
    that rip my chest wide open.

  • robyn commented on the post, backtrack 5 years, 5 months ago

    two things.

    I. if i loved you any less
    i would still swallow you whole —

    II. that moment when you leaned in near to me
    to say something just as fragile;
    i was too caught up on slowing my heart to pay attention,
    i always miss the important parts

  • They say that
    your body is a temple,
    but I can’t help
    drinking Jack Daniels
    and smoking Marlboro Reds
    or fucking,
    because it’s how
    I forget the way that
    you abandoned me.

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    he doesn’t talk to me about the silver lining
    he says, if i don’t know it, he can’t take me there;
    it’s a stillness in the collapsed lungs between our breaths,
    and in the morning when he wakes up beside me
    he pulls a journal from underneath his bed
    writes down last night’s dream
    and doesn’t let me read

    at breakfast he will peel an…[Read more]

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    i want to see a plot-driven theory answering the mechanics of the world
    why did you move
    to move
    (stepping over grass, you’ve made the soil too dense for worms to crawl to the surface — every tiny bit of life is given to you from another’s)