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    I was sick of having to wear sleeves. It was 22C weather outside, and still I wore a hoodie. I have scarred arms. It’s because of shit I do to myself. People mostly don’t really notice how it might be odd. Occasionally someone would say, “Aren’t you hot?” My repertoire of answers to that question was slowly growing but the staples are the standard…[Read more]

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    Sometimes the truth is hidden by our own intellectual dishonesty. We lift the corner of our secreted rugs and drive the real world hurriedly underneath. We all do it. Cut and splice. Sometimes a sub-conscious censor. But we do it to protect ourselves, so we can carry on albeit within a reality edited. To know we fool ourselves so readily is…[Read more]

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    Hannah’s tongue had swollen to thrice its normal size. The only noise she could make sounded like a choking hamster laughing at an angry squirrel. Trying to convey anything spoken was pointless as her bulging cheeks and stretched lips squashed the usual shapes she formed to make words into meaningless squeaks and coughs.

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    When time holds out its hand for some proof of what you’ve done, the heart takes a nosedive when it realises you don’t have a damn thing to show for the years of effort you’ve put in. Despite making promises to friends and telling yourself it would all work out and it would all slot into place in the end, when time comes to check on you, there’s…[Read more]

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    He placed the final gem into its space and in that same moment the shield started to glow the brightest white he had ever seen. Squinting painfully as his pupils recoiled, the shield began to vibrate and to hum a long, single note. The vibration bled out from the shield in a droning wave reaching out to the cave’s walls which buzzed in reply.…[Read more]

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    Filling a barrel with explosive materials isn’t something you get the opportunity to do very often, at least I don’t, being normal and all, so I jumped at it. Not the explosive barrel, the chance to fill it with the exploding stuff. Despite the awareness of the potential danger of sending my face in fifty different directions at once, it was a bit…[Read more]

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    How can you tell? I mean is it obvious when they have you over a barrel, or is it much more subtle, cowering under the bureaucracy or something. Y’ know, the forms they make you fill out asking that ask everything about you. So you fill them out. You tell them all about your house, who lives in it, the shape of your windows, how many taps there…[Read more]

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    It was alright. It wasn’t like I planned on this being a regular thing or anything, at least that’s how I justified it to myself. The officers outside the hall were loud, smoking and joking in the dark winter air. It was hard to distinguish the cigarette smoke from their dragonlike, frosty breath and the only light was a lamp above the doorway,…[Read more]

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    He was crouched by the drystone wall at the edge of his land. The dry, dusty soil ran through his fingers as he grabbed and squeezed it in his palms. The day was another cloudless one, though he scanned the vacant expanse above him hoping to spot a forming wisp that would swell then heave and gush over the dirt. Deep down he knew there was no…[Read more]

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    Who knows what might have happened if he hadn’t answered the call that night. If he had been in the shower, went out and forgot his phone. If it rang earlier or later, if he was driving, or working. If he’d missed that call would he still be here? If the two events; call and answer hadn’t crossed, hadn’t had interaction things might be different.…[Read more]

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    I wasn’t going to crack. Last time I was in this situation, I gave up and told them who I was working for. It’s easy to say, ‘Ahh, it’s just a little bit of torture. I can handle it’ But when I’m actually in that predicament and having my nipples sliced off with a blunt and rusty butter knife, things never, and I mean never, go according to plan.…[Read more]

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    When the booth finally became vacant, it seemed like I’d been waiting for hours, but it was probably more like twenty minutes or so. Queueing has that ability. It sucks all available happy thoughts into a chasm of nothingness, where they sink, all feathery and papered, to die a black and tarry death on the bottom. The previous occupant had spilled…[Read more]

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    His birthday was in July. The sixteenth. And we’d always have a picnic to celebrate. He’d squeal with delight when we laid the rug down on the grass. Every time. That little face of his is what I’ll always remember. Those glowing, blue eyes and his smiling innocence framed by that fine, blonde hair in the sunshine. That vision of him in my mind…[Read more]

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    The roof leaked. I can’t remember a time it didn’t. We’d place saucepans, jugs and watering cans strategically to catch the water during storms. I’d sink into my red, threadbare armchair by the stone fireplace and close my eyes, listening as the drip-drop-symphony played. The heavy rain seeped through the broken tiles, and each globule jumped from…[Read more]

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    As I sorted through the boxes, some of the items of interest included; a threadbare, clearly well-loved grey teddy bear, a Reader’s Digest book entitled ‘1001 handy hints for your home’ and a Haynes maintenance manual for a Fiat panda, several pieces of what was once a soda-stream machine, a green kilt with a corresponding leather sporran, a scrap…[Read more]

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    The ground we walk on is disappearing and the walls that shake from their own weight are built ever higher. We are on guard. We are primal, wary of strangers and frightened of those who should be our friends. The outer limits of what was once our freedom is now ‘controlled freedom’, lest we should hurt or one from outside our walls should trespass…[Read more]

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    Every Tuesday things change. The morning is different to other mornings, Dad fidgety and worried, preoccupied. He sits at the kitchen table looking through letters and other paperwork full of numbers. His hands shake and his voice gets croaky from swallowing. People come to our house and park their expensive car in the road. Dad says they helped…[Read more]

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    The back and forth of your reasoning makes me dizzy. It makes me seasick. Well, it would if we were at sea. Your indecisiveness is bearable, I can see it’s hard to decide on things sometimes. I’m a little fickle […]

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    His nose was the first part of him through the door, closely followed by the rest of his head. Dark brown, floppy hair in the traditional posh-boy style, impossibly bright blue eyes and his mouth of smoothly white […]

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    It wasn’t your fault. Well, not entirely anyway. I take some of the responsibility for being completely clueless and letting you carry on. But it was you that did carry on, and on and on. I appreciate that […]