• Bob Hussey commented on the post, boiling 7 years, 11 months ago

    the emotions i feel when contemplating going on a vacation in italy. i want to go, really really want to go but i know i may just freak out (’cause i’m a bit of a freak.) ah well maybe a good boil is just what I need!

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    Everything starts with one step. That’s one thing he always had trouble with understanding and acting upon. The magnitude of the entirety would peak around the corner and then leap out at him, destroying his confidence. One step, that’s all he needed to do, just one step…

  • Bob Hussey commented on the post, amuse 7 years, 12 months ago

    Watching me write is a good way to find amusement. Which isn’t really the word of the day but that’s ok. It’s close enough. Man I just have no creative thoughts lately. I’m slogging around with the word of the day. I guess it’s amusing…

  • Well, that’s interesting. I’m drawing a blank on this word. No ‘lightning in a bottle’ for me. No ‘lightning strike’ of inspiration for me today. Wow, that’s a cheap way to get the word written about when you come up empty…

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    in the closet. that’s the easiest thing to come up with. also think about the skeleton of a story and I’m spending time now looking at how to create the skeleton of a story, what it should consist of. something interesting is my free form story had some of those elements and I didn’t even […]

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    I used to shoot a bow when I was a youngster. I had two different ones and fancied myself a great hunter. I actually went hunting with the bow on several occasions but never shot (or even saw) anything. I think the animals were all to busy laughing at me to show themselves.

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    There are always chores to do. But when you think o f it the word chores has many negative connotations to it. And if you really think about it chores are just the normal stuff of life. Nothing really odious or onerous just the daily tasks that everything has to do

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    The line spooled out over the curling waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Standing in the surf at coast guard beach he watched the sun begin to breach the horizon as the lure splashed down. He reeled in, imparting motion to the lure. He didn’t really care if he caught anything or not, it was just […]

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    The stem of the flower was wilting, soft with decay after it’s peak flowering time had past. The flower was still beautiful, just a bit bedraggled. It had done its duty and done it well. It had earned its rest and would wait through winter for the warmth of spring to return it to glory.

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    I assisted my wife today, trying to find out how to successfully communicate with her while she is in Italy. You really have to keep your eye out when dealing with the ATT reps. I was trying to turn stuff off and she had me adding features (if I listened to her, that is). Oh […]

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    Given the wit to write he wondered why he didn’t. What was it that stood in his way? Why did he doubt as he wrote instead of just writing and then leaving the doubting for the editing? It was hard, this writing game. The self doubt was what was given.

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    His name was Wade. He was always a little embarrassed by it, living as he did in the northeast, cape cod to be exact. He was a terrific fisherman, not quite as good at being a husband

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    crush…crush…another beer can crumpled in his hand. He flipped the can into the pile at his feet. Sighed. Wondered what was left. Didn’t have any answers.

  • Bob Hussey commented on the post, cells 8 years, 1 month ago

    the building blocks of all living things. at least i think so, I can’t claim any great biological knowledge at this point in my life. but this i do know, isn’t it awesome that so much happens in such a minute little space?

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    I held her. my grand daughter. I held her and thought of the wonder that my baby has a baby. tears ran down my cheeks as I held her. I held her close. she held me close. she holds me in her hart. I am hers forever. I held her close. I held her.

  • Bob Hussey commented on the post, belief 8 years, 1 month ago

    Belief in religion is something I do not have and cannot have. I do not believe, I like to have things proven, I like to see reason brought to bear. I do not believe without some sort of logical thought taking place.

  • Bob Hussey commented on the post, smile 8 years, 1 month ago

    I just saw my new (and only) granddaughter smile. It’s a wonderful thing, a smile. Makes all right with the world, if only for a little while. But that little while is just fantastic!

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    The train jerked suddenly, jostling him out of his slumber. He looked across the aisle, still confused and a bit fuzzy from sleep. She sat looking at him, a small smile on her lips. It was disconcerting, he felt he should know someone who looked at him like that but he had no memory of […]

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    the train station was cold with a thin rain swirling around the platform. i hate this bullshit i muttered. unfortunately my grandmother was standing behind me and was predictably horrified at my language. so I boarded the train and left her behind…

  • Bob Hussey commented on the post, beloved 8 years, 1 month ago

    My baby gave birth to her first baby a few weeks ago. I think I understand the word beloved now. Because that’s how I feel. Those girls are beloved. they are wonderful. what a fantastic gift my baby was and now she’s had a baby!!