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    Breaking free of the leather straps of the parachute, I fling myself from the airplane. For my last rushing moments, I soar through the thin air as I watch the earth rise to meet me.

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    Wrapped up in the scent he left behind him. The rain drumming on my window helped to numb my thoughts. Pain and pleasure: so the same to me. I learned young to hide them both to protect myself when love turned false. Dropping into my bed and staring up at the ceiling, I felt my heart try to cocoon itself in that ever comforting silence because…[Read more]

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    What was beyond those perfect eyes was beyond me. They caught me up in their unwavering gaze as easily as those words, sweet as the wind before a rainstorm, broke my heart in two. I shivered against the cold air and blinked back the tears in my eyes as he asked me if I was alright. Of course I wasn’t alright. I told him I was. I told him that I…[Read more]

  • She was a constant, a fact. She… just was and nothing could ever change that. People thought they knew her but it was a lie that they knew because she understood that they didn’t understand and they never could. It was all I could do not to cry. She knew that she was too wonderful a thing to exist in this world and yet she despised no one for it.

  • Dragging softly through the grass, like a whisper in the rain. The silk dances and floats in cold air. The rain pours out upon the roof of the gazebo and warm breath murmurs in my ear.

  • I hear them screaming at as to run. The terror is flashing in their eyes darkly. They shriek, “run!” but what can we do now when the enemy is nearly upon us, when we have nothing to run to?

  • She was crazy, a mistake. She was the wind that drove the storms. Her screams were songs and her passion was like the hot blood coursing through her veins. She was the winter, violent beautiful and in the eyes of the world, she was a misspelled woman.

  • She looked like a pile of scraps, all bound in cord. The young child stumbles forward, dragging the bespattered and patched cloak – her only possession – behind her like a blanket.

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    It was hot, so hot. I felt like I was going to faint, but I had to keep going. On and on and on and there seems to be no end to the sweaty, cramped crawl space. I can hear the sounds of pounding metal getting closer.