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    All he had to do was take a single step: not even a long step that might need a bit of a run up or a jump, but a small step either left or right. Casey hesitated at the painted line on the ground between his two friends.
    “This is silly. I don’t want to choose,” he cried, shifting abjectedly from foot to foot. “I want us all to stay friends, can’t we?”

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    A whole life was contained within that one bag. His life in a black and orange zip-up hold all. This was all he had left, a few assorted belongings of minimal importance in the scale of things. A couple of […]

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    What the fan-hordes didn’t know about Dana was that their favourite actress was beginning to hate the limelight. She despised the attention, being stopped in the grocery store, in the queue for the ladies. The […]

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    Salty, stinging, searing, ice-cold water. Sea green. Spitting. Choking. Cast about like flotsam in the tide. Drowning.

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    She looked up at the steel grey sky and let the rain run off her upturned face. Once upon a time she hated the sound of the rain drumming on the roof because it meant time trapped in the confines of the house or […]

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    Externally we are exactly the same, you and I. We share the same DNA…the same blood runs red through our veins. And yet we are two – separate in our distinct identities and minds charged with a different array of […]

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    Hallow: to make holy or sacred. To revere. She has made some things sacred which should not be, and revered one she should not. It was a hollow hope, one full of wasted desires and scattered dreams. To love […]

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    “Where were you last night?” he asked, one bushy grey eyebrow arched up towards his receeding hairline.
    “Nowhere” said the girl sullenly, staring at the floor.
    “You had to be somewhere, surely one cannot be […]

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    There was just a tiny sliver of light shining between the frame and the door, casting a slice of brightness on the cobbled floor. Edward ducked down in the shadows and held his breath as he pressed one cheek […]