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    Bottled up frustration.Supressed reactions.Altered Responses. It’s going to all float to the surface one day. A Repressed human being will either lead a revolution or turn to crime eventually.

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    There’s this person living with me.She’s always competing for my attention.She walks on my legs,breaths from my nose and feels like my skin.She lives quietly inside, in her own world. She is fierce and opinionated but speaks rarely. She is my mentor and my guide but never judges me.She is my friend ready discuss,debate,ridicule and fight.She is my…[Read more]

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    she woke up with a start. sweating,panting,panicking. it was almost like she could taste the salt from the sea in her mouth. she wondered whether it was sweat or seawater that wetted her hands.she felt her life being sucked back in the vacuum of her body,like a fist on her chest that had kept her from breathing had suddenly lifted itself off. the…[Read more]

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    The walls around her was stark white.Like an empty mind.Like a sombre wedding dress. She looked around….nothing.Not even a sound.Not even the hum of her own breath. The silence was deafening. It drove her mad.she was forced to be her own company.She hated her own companionship. Shhhh…. a dog whined. shhhh…her daughter was crying. ‘she must…[Read more]

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    He watched himself in the mirror, slick oiled, middle-parted hair and and big ugly glasses on a big, fearsome nose. His crumpled but freshly washed school uniform sat loose on his frail body, like someone had made ‘hang man’ wear clothes.He optimistically searched for some trace of hair over his thin,barely-there lips. His protruding, ape-ish chin…[Read more]

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    The feeling grew inside of her like the sea in high tide. It consumed here. She didnt recognize herself anymore. Who was this person inside of her? Why did it want him so much? Why was it so difficult to let go of a dead corpse of a relationship?
    Why did she long for something that was going to harm her? her stubborn heart was preparing to suicide.

  • he opened his suitcase, rested his glasses on the table. his weak eyes were searching for something.Suddenly, he heard the pitter patter from the adjacent room. ltlle feet noices. little meak voices. his heart smiled