• It is without any great certainty I will be the greatest I can be and I will do wonderful things in the world. I will make the world a better place simply by existing and by showing my love for other humans. The greatest thing in the world is the care we express for others.

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    People have many favorable features. Some features could be eyes, personality, or even their nose if you would like to include that. Features make us who we are and can even reflect where we have been.

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    The creek by my house swelled with water after Sunday’s snow, Monday’s warm up, Tuesday’s downpour, and Wednesdays drizzle. The creek has a lot of excess water.

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    I saw a visitor from another planet today. He was very nice. He was not the Sci-Fy looking character that everyone imagines, but more of a human looking figure.

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    Winter is “cool.” The snow I had to shovel this morning is cool. Teens call almost everything cool, but what really is cool? Is cool a temperature? A person? Or even a song? Cool can be anything your little heart desires I suppose.

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    Speaking is also known as talking and when I think of speak, I think of babble a lot. A lot of the time, people babble when they speak. For instance, I am babbling right now. I have no clue what to say. Well have a nice day.