• Paperclips? They hold things together… Or perhaps they clip paper. Are we talking clip like a snip from a crackle of a whip, or a clip like a hold, like two hands in a mold? How Seussical and musical this entry has become. Too bad it’ll be the only one.

  • Oh man, if this is what I receive… Totally and completely, I mean… I think I’ll be crushed… ._. And it will be really hard not to blame myself. I could have chosen to stay silent, but I didn’t… Ah, the pressure… Please, please understand me and my feelings. Don’t break my heart.

  • This is what I feel now. Our friendship is stronger than this. We’ll get through it. If we can get through suicidal thoughts and abuse from others and all manners of cruelties, we can endure this challenge. I love him too much to let him go.

  • Red Ruby Rae commented on the post, cannon 8 years, 7 months ago

    Out of the can­non shot Gonzo the Brave, the most well known cir­cus pirate this side of the Atlantic. His body pro­pelled toward the enemy ship, his clown makeup glean­ing in the pale moon­light. A ter­ror or a mock­ery, one can never know.