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    “Mrow.” My cousin crept up behind me, lovingly–or was it tauntingly?–scratching my back like a kitten would play with a mouse. I jumped a little and tried to move away, but he followed along behind. “I’m a kitty cat!”
    Quickly, I turned around and picked up the little tyke, holding one of his hands so he wouldn’t paw at me anymore. “Kitty cat is…[Read more]

  • Nodding his head, she graciously handed him his food. Her touch was light, and her long fingers wrapped around the tea cup like a vine of flowers. Her hair was tied up on her head, and a red shirt–his favorite color–was underneath her flowery apron. Even with mismatched shoes and dirty black pants, she still seemed to glow with an ethereal light…[Read more]

  • Black wings swooped in the air, slowly trailing the air around its sleek wings and lifting the thin, small body from the ground. A small bush beneath it ruffled slightly, and the sand stirred from its lazy sleep only to settle comfortably once more.
    “The power of physics at work.” The professor nodded his head, and the students gazed on in amazement.

  • “You see, when your mother and I got together, we became a family. And, we derived you from our integration.”
    She had a Calculus professor for a father, and even at two years old she knew that she was going to have an interesting life.

  • Hours and hours, days on end, waiting in the blackness. She couldn’t feel her own emotions, so she wasn’t happy, she couldn’t be.
    But, the second that he showed up–safe, warm, and alive from his flight–that happiness returned. Like a pitcher of emotion pouring back into her body, she was safe. Warm. Alive.

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    Oh, gods. Every time I see this word, my breath sticks in my throat like peanut butter. My mouth is as dry as the Sahara, and my eyes want to pop out of their sockets. Not that I didn’t believe in a God–no, I believed that God was real. It was, however, what I had done in the church that made me want to shrivel and die. She was really hot, I was…[Read more]

  • He didn’t mean to destroy the vase. His friends had been partying, and invited one too many people over. The shoulder-height shelf was just in the reach of his friend’s arm. So, he set up a decoy. He spread the shards out across the ground and sprinkled some of the dust from the pot on the dog. Now it looked like the dog had knocked over the…[Read more]

  • I am not one to be blamed. Lowest on the totem pole, trying to reach up closer to my dreams, I am certainly not the one who caused the whole pole to fall. But, when my boss decided to cut down the pole, sawing through the wood as fast as his wobbling arms would move, I was the one blamed. I couldn’t do my job right, and it just wasn’t worth it.

  • His gnarled, twisted hands gently touched hers. A small tear slid down her cheek, and the doctor continued.
    He knew that it was tough for her to have to help him with little things because of his arthritis–having to reach up to the top shelf to get him his daily applesauce or to reach up to grab his shirts–but she always did it every day…[Read more]

  • Beautiful blue sea shells rested on the glass pane, a treasure resting in a case of memories. He pulled out the delicate piece and caressed the outer surface. It was smooth, but rough where the jagged shell had broken off. She had stepped on it when she first found it, and a part of it had broken off.
    He smiled, and began to feel the inside.…[Read more]

  • The green hill tumbled around her, tossing and turning. Suddenly, it was above her, and now it was below, and it was above again.
    She fell down, faster, faster, and faster.
    Then, she stopped, slamming into something large and thick. Her head swam as she pulled herself up off of the ground and faced her hero. A small child, wrapped up in a…[Read more]

  • The two twins sat together, exactly like the other twins around them. Five other twin pairs were sitting at their same table, eating the same food, and wearing the same clothes. They felt like they were all the same, yet they felt so alone.
    “Kaylee,” one of the twins whispered, grabbing her sibling’s hand and squeezing it, “I don’t want to be…[Read more]

  • Hanging over the edge, there was nothing but a string between her and the fall that would bring her death. The pit dropped endlessly down into a raging river–the echoes of the roaring waves jumped up to her–that would carry away her body and shatter her bones in seconds. She would be a ragdoll in that raging water.
    All she had to do was put one…[Read more]

  • With the button in her hand, she had complete control. One press, and all of the stress in her life, the one man that had made her life the living horrible hell, disappear. She would have nothing more to worry about–her life would be happier and she would be free.
    But, if she pressed it, she knew she would bring immeasurable sadness to her…[Read more]

  • The squirrel, poised at the head of the log, stares down at the dog. She’s stock still–holding, waiting for that perfect moment to strike. The sun shines down on them, one fleck of light just close enough to her eyes to blind her. The squirrel notices, and slowly moves back. The dog falls straight for the trap. She’s blinded in her left eye, and…[Read more]

  • “We are all fools in love.”
    The two bodies rush toward one another, holding onto anything they can grab, and holding close. Just a few more seconds and they would have been lost forever. Just a few more touches and they will be.Together.
    She holds the broken rose away from her, trying to pick the petals up off of the ground,…[Read more]

  • With the darkness of the town pressing down on him like a wet blanket, he curled up closer to the light pole. Decked out in a suit, golden jewelry, and a leather jacket, he was juxtaposed to the dirty, raunchy buildings surrounding him. Without another word, a bus pulls out in front of him, and he primped his perfect hair for another moment.
    He…[Read more]

  • Like the mighty desert surrounding her, she felt barren. Dry. Lifeless. Dead. With no water there to console her.
    She clutched her stomach as dribbles of tears rolled down her face. What was wrong with her?

  • The white liquid began to spread like a typhoon running along the bottom of the water, skimming around the clear liquid almost as if they were strangers in passing. They hardly contact and slide right by one another.
    “And this, class, is how a precipitate is formed.”

  • “We can’t make it, Captain. We can’t make it.”
    “Hold it steady, boys. It’ll only take a few strokes, and she’ll be free.”
    “No, Cap. I canne hold it no longer!”
    The Captain yanked the wooden rudder from the man’s hands and held firmly. Their pirate ship was nearly into the stratosphere.