• I can’t bare to look at them: a herd of sheep roaming free within their fenced pasture; leisurely grazing enjoying their pretend liberty.

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    I am rage, the last expedient to your cruelty. Where my voice failed, my force will be a hurricane to carry the fragments of dead peace to your home, to your wife, to your children. And as you wallow in my destruction, i’ll have my destruction delight in your peace.

  • The love is gone. The laughter is gone. There is no more crying or fighting–not even talking. But they will not find the courage, or even the desire, to leave–they may have they been younger or not been given the chance to become so integral in each other’s daily living activities. Years and forever of an unspoken agreement of sharing loneliness.

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    Angry, he lifted boulder after boulder and cast them to the sea. One by one, they sent ripples as they sank. The waves scattered and gradually expanded as they approached the neighboring shores. Most of the children were playing by the shores that time and were the first ones struck; along with the beach houses. The water swept the seaside and…[Read more]

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    I fell in love with her that night. There was nothing so special about it–it was just something that needed to happen. To the dismay of poets, there were no fireworks or a great realization of life’s potentials. On contrary, there was just me and her, by the beach as silent as the night approaching dawn. No words–just us sharing solitude. At one…[Read more]

  • She went in there, armed with all the misguided thoughts she learned from school. She spoke of things that did not make sense but she did it so eloquently that everyone was amazed. She spat garbage after garbage and everyone picked them as if they were gold coins. She would go far, no doubt.

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    She gave me a vase. A china with intricate oriental designs she bought from some remote pottery village. It was supposedly a very thoughtful gesture–as she implied a few times already. But what am I supposed to do with it exactly? I never liked flowers.

  • I can’t live underground anymore. Father lives here his whole life–and so did grandpa. Look at them. Look at their eyes–colorless and dead. I don’t want to be like them. The streets are lit with illuminators and the phosphorescent plants are shining as bright as ever. But there’s still this darkness that you can’t shake off and it cocoons…[Read more]

  • Do you believe in ghosts–or any incorporeal beings? I have never encountered one though I want to. I don’t really think that I believe in them however. I guess I just want to believe they exist but can’t convince myself they do–if that makes sense. I’ve never really thought about this much until now.

  • Is it the afternoon rain–
    or has it always been like this?
    I just had coffee–
    maybe it was the coffee.
    Probably the coffee.
    How can everything familiar
    suddenly look strange?

  • when he saw that movie he cried. he suddenly understood what was happening a few years back. her mother, the darling she was, had spiked her drinks with all kinds of alcohol. it was, in a way, a means for her to bear the atrocities of her mundane life.

  • her lips are cursed, i tell you. with chants they’re calling mine like the day calls her sun; to a sweet inescapable desolation. in her darkness, i’ll be her light, that all consumed at dusk.

  • integrate your mind and your hand and you get writing

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    The leaves are picked, thrown in scalding water, immersed for a minute then poured in a cup.

  • she has been like that since she was young. if she wants to she can get herself out of it, only it seems like she has always wanted to be miserable. a very sad thing to wallow one’s self in.

  • i’m not eligible. i’m underage. but you know what? i don’t give a shit, I’ll do it and no one will stop me. fuck them all! this is a free country! i’m a free man! i’ll drink when i want to drink! i’ll get wasted and no one should give a fuck. FREEDOM is what it is!

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    He pointed at the globe the place where he wanted to go next; it was Greece. Although it was very unlikely for him to go, he can’t help but think of the what ifs. His heart beat faster and faster as the images of his explorations flooded his mind, even when all of it were just pretend.

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    With all his strength he threw the ring. It arched so high before disappearing to the bottom of the river. He was so proud. He never thought he could do it. He watched it soar so high, its brilliance faltered as it was hit by what was left of the sun’s rays that dusk, before completely being swallowed by the dark waters. He enjoyed the metaphor. T…[Read more]