• Bargain
    To gain for less
    In vain?
    By bargains

  • I never thought that I liked bargains. I mean, really, I sound stupid. I LIKE BLACK FRIDAY AND NOONE WILL TAKE ME TO GET A BARGAIN!

  • The lining of his coat is worn and old
    Homeless and cold
    He can’t find a silver lining
    He can’t find a way to alter-
    His past, his flaws
    All those wrong turns
    It’s all churning inside him
    But the lining of his coat is still worn
    The people with their shopping bags still make a wide berth
    Not knowing all the lonely man wants, needs…[Read more]

  • Somebody?
    An empty body
    Alone on the pavement
    Enslaved by nobody
    She is just another body
    She could have been somebody
    Anybody but a dead body

  • Rebekah Wooten commented on the post, duct 5 years ago

    Dear me
    My tear ducts are screwed up
    My hair stands up (overwhelmed by static)
    My mind is cracked
    My soul sports ashen holes
    I am somehow more than whole (1 and 1/2 perhaps?)
    I swallowed my feet like an ouroboros it’s tail
    But I would not say it’s over
    Or that I even failed
    I could never be righter nor wronger
    Sometimes I feel outside…[Read more]

  • They try still to instill it into me
    As if they can pour what they wish of me
    Like an empty transparent glass on a dusty kitchen shelf
    I am already plenty full I say
    I want nothing of that vile liquid
    Or of your filthy smelling pills
    I am not ill
    No just not empty headed
    They won’t listen
    Perhaps a fist would instill it?

  • My life
    My soul
    Desolated by the careless fools that rein
    This wicked destructive world
    My mind
    My heart
    Torn apart
    A state of ruin
    Far from the jubilating moments of my earlier youth
    The fetal position
    A familiar emotional position of mine
    I sit up terrified at night to ponder the chaos of mankind
    I close my eyes and watch…[Read more]

  • latitude
    my kind of attitude
    not to be rude of course
    but I rather be crude then
    eluding or alluding

  • Backtrack?
    I need a time machine for such
    to erase everything that I ever did wrong
    I can’t simply backtrack

  • desperation
    a feeling
    a terrible terrible feeling
    desperate people do
    desperation things
    steal from me
    lie to me
    kill me
    then justify it
    desperate times call for
    desperate measures
    desperate people do desperate things
    does this really justify it?

  • footprints in the sand
    distinctively yours
    right beside mine
    love prints
    four feet
    20 toes
    to be washed away with the tide
    side by side

  • Dating
    No NOT mating!
    Your mind escalates at a dirty rate

  • I smiled
    he smiled
    how vile it was to watch a play back of insincerity
    he didn’t love me
    but yet he smiled
    amused perhaps by my naivety
    I feel used
    and stupid
    because of those still stretched pink slugs

  • leverage
    it’s not a staircase I have to climb
    it’s an elevator he pulls up by hand at the steady pace I demand
    it’s necessary to be to be high to be mighty
    ignite me
    fight for me
    it’s your birthright
    how utterly gratifying
    wrap your you arms tight around me
    you are my leverage
    why should I try when you can do it for me?
    I unglue…[Read more]

  • you are withholding everything from me
    oh why?
    Do you withhold everything?

  • withhold my thoughts
    withhold my feelings
    it’s better for you
    for me
    for everyone
    if I just withhold
    it all

  • a fee? for me? oh no not commission she thought there ought not be such a thing that makes girls cry instead of sing

  • Rebekah Wooten commented on the post, still 5 years, 3 months ago

    still how can I be still? l I am filled with some many feelings and thoughts I ought not stay still

  • Honda
    breaks down
    he’s wondering
    if it’ll start again
    it won’t

  • I wonder do you love me?
    I’m wondering does he care?
    a girl with hair down her waist an plenty of time to waste does he care she wonders