• if being my friend was a chore, i’m glad you’re done. were you paid well?

  • i don’t ever want to know the feeling again- empty. that feeling where i know that you’re not happy, which makes my pain even worse. i don’t ever want to feel that way again, when i almost had you. when you were right within my reach, but impossible to have. i don’t want to lose […]

  • rebeccacolette commented on the post, thief 8 years, 5 months ago

    i thought that a thief stole things like money. gold. jewels. but there is a special kind of thief that steals hearts. a thief is a person that knows what they are doing. she knew that you were mine, but she stole you anyway. a thief of hearts, if you will.

  • i used to think that i need to console people who had nothing. like the hobos on the street. but then i realized that their smiles were happy. they have stories i’d spend time to hear. i think it’s the people that live in the 20 story buildings are the ones i should console. they […]

  • i never understood why girls wear eyeliner. it never stays put and they look more a mess when you’re done. apparently, stabbing hurts. so, they cry. it makes my job a lot harder. girls should just not wear it.

  • i used to want live on the back of a dinosaur. then i realized that dinosaurs can get eaten. i’m not into getting eaten. so, i decided that i wanted to live as a dinosaur. i would show that long neck who is boss. i’m rebeccalosaurus. rawr.