• As I looked her in the flannel towel that was wrapped around her waist, I felt lost – there was no way this could be the shy, silent, geeky girl I met two years ago – there was no way she couldv’ve undergone such a transformation… But then, I remembered, that i, too, was just like her – we changed ourselves… Through corny pick up lines like “I…[Read more]

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    We were playing catch – not your regular run-of-the mill catch – but a specialized version of it. The ball itself was a shiny gold one, with frighteningly large spikes of about 6 inches length. We were on our broomsticks, and we were flying around everywhere – the ball had a mind of its own – no sir, all this was not magic. It is technology. After…[Read more]

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    The word tutor is enough to strike fear in the heart of a BiTSian. For tutorials contain the very dark object of fear… which is known as a surprise test. They can come anytime – and strike you at your weakest point and kill your dreams of a 9+ CG, of a good PS, of a good placement of an MCN. They are most often held on days when people aren’t…[Read more]

  • As vultures were swooping around the carcass of the rotting body, Viswanath looked on. What had happened? It was only one week ago everyone had left – they were all in perfect health, were armed and were sure that they were safe. And now this