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    The pixie jumped from rafter to rafter, giggling maliciously.
    “Give me back my Wallet!” I yelled. “You’re gonna make me late to work.”
    She jumped down and scrambled just beyond my fingers.

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    It was just a word from the music man as far as I was concern, that thing that was apparently more classy than pool. Then again the guy selling was a crook and the people buying were really uptight, so there you have it. I looked at the carpeted table and the cue in my hand and sighed. This was going to be a long night.

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    cloudless skies do not make the prettiest sunsets, nor do foggy cloudy days. When the sky is vast and the clouds are there, but not necessarily in abundance then the sky is painted with a vast array of colors.

  • I was never the one who pushed the buttons, it was always her. I would try as I might to be patient and level-headed but the slap you heard mom was all her. She was always so touchy. I guess maybe I could have been a little nicer.

  • The old watchtower stood straight and proud. From a distance one could catch a glimpse of what used to be a shining glorious city, but on closer inspection one would see that it was in fact, crumbling, the last remnant of an ancient civilization.