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    it’s within our nature, as rational thinkers, to put ourselves in moral impasses. it’s the choice between right and wrong, left and write, that give purpose to our lives. if everything were straightforward, nobody would live past thirty five, cause death is always a better option then living for the sake of keeping memories alive.

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    i left a book in the green room of a comedy bar last week. to nobody’s surprise, there was a drawing of a penis in it when i returned to pick it back up.

  • a flu or a crescent
    the moon for a second
    you’re blue and incessant
    this tune will be reckoned.

  • people use the image of crossroads a great deal cause it helps them cope with all the options in their lives. hell is knowing the only thing seperating you from someone else is the choices they made.

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    when i was a child, i had my blood taken twice a day to prep for heart surgery. i garnered a personal relationship with a puppet named mandy during the course of this time. well after a surgery, many seasons passed. i recieved a halloween card from sick kids hospital. it was signed, with love, […]

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    six days a week, i’m surrounded by scent, and the beat of the mob

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    it’s tough being tied to a medicinal chain, taking pill after pill so the body remains.
    though i hold no one acountable for my body’s poor shape, i’d do most anything to cut free from this tape.

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    a closed door only keeps one thing out, a barrier only acts as such to those unwilling to go through the process of overcoming it. take a picture, it lasts longer.