• All my former dreams had fallen by the wayside in hopes that this one would come true. My girl left me, taking my children, and my officer’s commission had been stolen from me by dishonorable discharge. All I had ever wanted was this life of a military man, a woman to come home to, and it’s all gone. But the paper in front of me is blank, and my…[Read more]

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    A single click, with perfect lighting, could make or break my career. Years of living with these beautiful beasts, years of avoiding their aggressive charges, years of my camera being drug through the mud and sludge and water, and somehow through it all, it survived long enough to take the picture that could define my life, put my name up there in…[Read more]

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    Another glass rolled down the slippery surface of the bar, spilling errant splashes of the strongest whiskey they offered on their way to the old man with the short, short haircut, and the empty, sad eyes. It was like he never left the place, always sitting in the fourth stool from the left, staring off into one of the bottles’ elaborate pictures…[Read more]

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    The smoke plumed out wildly, each small burst adding to the complex beauty of the sight before us. Explosions continued, and we knew they would, but the glass ceilinged bomb shelter made it all okay, since we could watch the immense destruction from the angle of a cockroach, unkillable, and yet still mortal, and still so small when compared to…[Read more]

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    Another day, another failure. I packed up my stuff, my smile, in the embossed briefcase they gave me when I signed up for what was called “the most rewarding job in the world.” A long sigh punctuated my chipper sales pitch echoing through my mind. I can’t take it much longer. The boss walked in, with the same forced smile as the one I caught a…[Read more]

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    The church’s roof had ripped open, water pouring in like a waterfall cleansing the entirety of the top floor, while still leaving the most immense mess I had ever seen. It must have been a sign. Our pastor, Anthony, just a week before had died suddenly of asphyxiation, and he’d always promised us he’d let us know when he got wherever he was going,…[Read more]

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    How funny that this word comes up today. How unfortunately appropriate. Why is this the only thing I can think about? It’s just a stupid username. That’s it.

    The toaster popped up, making the woman jump nearly ten feet in the air.

    What a funny, coincidental word.

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    The riot police linked arms to brace themselves from the brutal bashing of the protestors frothing at the mouth. Their shields, which they were taught were indestructible, cracked at their homemade explosives, and they screamed out in agony as open wounds had gravel, bodily fluids, whatever the protestors could find thrown into them and beaten…[Read more]

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    The guard fell silently as the pill shot into his mouth took effect, and the compound’s security was finally completely compromised. We sent our scouts out first, then followed behind closely, fingers poised on triggers, ready to shoot first and ask questions later, since we’ve been working for five years to escape this horrific hell.

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    I stood on the edge of the famous fjords, looking down longingly at the rushing torrents below. I know it’s cold, and salty, and it’s a death sentence to jump, but I felt my feet shuffle their way forward slowly, silently, my mind abuzz with every wrong thing ever said, ever heard, every reason to jump. The air rushing up my head was exhilarating,…[Read more]

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    The fence tore a hole in my nice new shirt, leaving a small red trace of someone else’s blood on it as I hopped over and braced myself for landing. My mother on the other side waved solemnly, but I knew she smiled as I ran out into the open desert landscape. I’d always wanted to learn a new culture, a new people, and Mexico’s fiery passion was…[Read more]

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    I raised my hand up, and blocked out the sun with one hand. The sunrise was beautiful, but awfully bright, especially just waking up on the clean, dewy grass. She was laying next to me, still tossing in her sleep, and making little happy noises. I hope her dreams were good. Mine were. The sun couldn’t quite wake her up, so I gave her a little…[Read more]

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    Our small group preceded to move down the line, carefully inspecting each individual with a desperate face as if their life depended on how many minuscule pieces of lint populated their uniform’s clean lines of black fabric. They’d worked for years for this moment, the test of their future, which branch they’d go into based only on how they looked…[Read more]

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    The rusty offering plate still feverishly clung to the wall, the rust possibly being the only thing holding it together. The pews had begun to rot, the body of Christ as well, molding in the back room where they thought no kids would touch it, but there haven’t been kids in this city for years. The kids were sent off to religious schools far away,…[Read more]

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    It never leaves. The darkness permeates my every pore like water filling my lungs slowly, dragging me deeper with every breath I try to take. The pill bottles stare back at me wistfully, as if to say don’t, but the temporary burning will hopefully have some effect, any effect, on the burning that has haunted me for the last sixty years. Since I…[Read more]

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    The blonde hair and blue eyes were natural, as shocking as it sounds. His eyes weren’t the same basic cobalt that everyone with appearance-concerned parents had, his were the blue of the foam that washed up on the beach at the end of the night, and on the edges, the blue of the sea itself, inside as black as the night sky, with the same twinkle as…[Read more]

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    He leaned over and nudged me softly, a rare sign of affection in these dire times. We knew we belonged to each other; after all, our families had spent years setting this up, but now that the empire was gone, the old religion was banned, and the new regime enslaved us all, trying to win each other’s already promised hearts wasn’t too high on the…[Read more]

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    The tiniest motion set off my internal alarm bells. In the pitch dark room, a minuscule spark of life flew in front of me, taunting me with its ability to move, uncaged. The captors laughed in the next room, probably drinking again, but I laughed for the first time in two and a half years at this little flea in front of me, trying with all its…[Read more]

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    I try to run, but the black ooze covers my mouth, muting my words. My poems. My running becomes stumbling, tripping, but I do not fall. Every rock is just a little obstacle for my character to overcome, becoming a better person. The black ooze flickers at my feet, taunting me with a carrot on a stick, with death, but I continue to breathe and…[Read more]

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    The doctors’ baffled faces said it all, and the mother, still numb from the epidural, but with as much fight as ever, was screaming until the veins looked as if they’d burst from her head. “WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY BABY!?” she shrieked, trying to get any sort of a reaction from these seemingly cold, indifferent people. The doctors were giving the baby…[Read more]