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    She never meant for the problem to blow up this big.

    She could swear to the whole world and bet every single penny she had that she never meant for the picture to be sent out to the whole entire student body. She thought that the little problem that they had would be erased by the private picture, except that it was more than just “private.”…[Read more]

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    The accused murderer rose from her seat, her face glowing under the dim light that illuminated the room. Her eyebrows were cocked upwards and there was a slight smirk on her face as her eyes showed a sign of maliciousness; she walked towards the judge femininely, luring all the stares of everyone in the room. Her beauty was like an angel’s and her…[Read more]

  • I saw the happiness hidden behind the frowns and scowls. I saw the relief that passed by everyone in the room behind my back.

    From my peripheral vision, I saw a girl trying to hold in her smile and her breath of relief; the fact that I was out of the competition seemed to be thrilling for most of the competitors here. I hated losing, and I…[Read more]