• Elizabeth sighed, tossing her bad of groceries onto her counter as she walked by it. 20 dollars for some overpriced lump of bread, wonderful. But, Anabelle had insisted that she bought only the best home for when her mother came.

  • Noel received exactly seventeen stares while after walking for about a day. She knew because she counted every look, every judgmental glance, every hint of hatred people had for her lifestyle in their eyes. She had to, of course. She was collecting information. She was collecting names.

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    He examined the room thoroughly for any points of interest, but sighed heavily when nothing caught his immediate eye. He’d spent hours looking over every room, every wall, every floor, everything, just for the chance to find something that could perhaps save him.

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    She could still taste the sirens words on her teeth. It made her quiver as she relived what she knew had to be the last encounter they shared, as she heard that voice replay once more. “Beware.”