• rachel commented on the post, dull 8 years ago

    i’m honestly terrified of it. slipping through the cracks without anyone seeing. dull, colorless, lifeless. i have an endless desire to live, and breathe, and see the world. i want to live with passion and intensity, i want to spend forever being extreme opposit of dull.

  • rachel commented on the post, compassion 8 years ago

    its the craziest thing. sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you dislike a person, when you see them hurting, and when you see them broken, you hurt and brake for them. you give them compassion. its loving through the anger and through the hurt.

  • rachel commented on the post, conviction 8 years ago

    my convictions are strong but my faith is stronger. and through these days of all my trials and tribulations my convictions never fade. day in and day out i make the same mistakes. but i trust in my God and i know he has a plan. through all my mistakes there is reason, meaning, and […]