• it’s automatic for me… to wake up, sit on my sofa, sip my coffee, read a bit, then face the rest of the day. it’s automatic for my spouse to talk during this time, nudge me to do some odd chores she thinks need doing and i feel are find left alone. i have my […]

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    the idea of scarves had never crossed her mind in the past. she’d seen them, crayon shades on display on vendors tables in every corner of the city. cashmere, cotton, sheer fabric, long, short–each kind was represented and shilled by men with strange accents, willing to bargain a little if the day was right. scarves […]

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    She’d had a life long relationship with food and it’s colors–it defined her moods, her place in the world, her status with life. Joy was something covered in chocolate, a taste of which she’d never grown fond. Golden roast chicken, cooked long and slow, heralded a time of prosperity and luck. Ah, but, it was […]

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    I’d never worked in pottery before.. the whole idea of getting my hands dirty with clay was far beyond anything I felt like doing. Still, I’d watched ‘Ghost’ six times, and the instructor was hot…so, why not? One night, I stayed late–he’d almost given up on my ever centering a lump of clay. I’d almost […]

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    She wasn’t very brave…not really. Her courage extended to dealing with children’s cuts and scrapes and fishing the cat out of a tree. The one thing that was beyond her comfort zone were spiders. Those, she killed from a safe distance with a can of hairspray and a match. Little black spots on the walls […]