• qb commented on the post, captivate 6 years ago

    she knew how to captivate an audience. their breath lingered with her each and every word. she knew how to take them for a ride. her stories, her songs, she was the star of the show. no dinner party complete without her there.

  • qb commented on the post, rally 6 years ago

    rally the troops, folks. it’s time to get down and dirty. fighting against the man! standing up for what’s right! what’s that they say… “one person can make a difference”? or, like, “many one persons can make a bigger difference”?

  • qb commented on the post, vapor 6 years ago

    disgustingly damp, hot humid room. sweat drips down her brow, finding it’s final position between her eyebrows. the smell of sweat and cinnamon. exhale slowly.

  • qb commented on the post, polar 6 years ago

    they were polar opposites. she was loud and speaks her mind. she became angry quickly and without warning. he was calm, reserved, soft-spoken. he would always see all sides before coming to a conclusion. maybe that’s why they worked. maybe that’s what made them the perfect pair. salt and pepper.

  • qb commented on the post, dot 6 years ago

    she steps, slowly, over the drainage grate. polka dot dress sways, flows and is moved by a gusty breeze. her perfume-y scent rises to my nostrils and I inhale. exhale, and she has gone.

  • qb commented on the post, stapled 6 years, 1 month ago

    tongue stapled shut. words form, but remain trapped, inside. I try to speak but choke, and a strange murmur emerges. you are wonderful. you leave me speechless.

  • qb commented on the post, irreverent 6 years, 1 month ago

    mother says “it’s time for dinner” to the cheeky little monkey, playing on the swingset. he asks his mother “why?”, questioning her authority. “because I said so”, she replies. I was cheeky like him at that age. I think I was, anyway. or was I?