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    the driveway in which the vehicles of our mind’s synapses
    in a meadow,
    a vast,
    endless, constellation of possibility.

    This very electric voltage vehicle can transmit us
    into the calm waters of Naples, a water route driveway that brings sheen.

    As we close our eyes, as we delve into the deepest pits of our imaginations,
    a…[Read more]

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    Grazing her hair
    leaves me in stuttered despair
    I know shell love how i hardly care
    of what I say and how I leave her in dare
    I walked across closer to dance on
    waves with her,
    Wake up with me Long Beach!
    and smell the precious reasons why
    we’re the US city thats a peach in a garden of peas!

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    My professor began to haraunge about the honorable jobs she worked, here I grew impressed. IBM, Microsoft, Black Hawk, and Dell was the mainstay of her conversation. I could not help but to lean in, closer and closer, she continued, my mouth dropped lower to touch the floor. Her lecture converted me to consider how astonishing the world of…[Read more]

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    the dab of my interest splashed in, like water thrown up by a hurricane blow of a raptor
    I rubbed my chin to show how imporessed I was
    concealing my bright rigor for the vast wet meadows of knowledge,
    a bank, an endless bank that I had to acquire,

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    A gadget can come in handy in a variety of tight situations. Gizmo’s, gadgets, and tools that are necessary for practical incidents conform peaceful order.