• Beware of losing who you are, where you’re from and what’s really inside your heart. Beware of letting too much people get in your life. Beware of your actions because the consequences of it can be expected or not.

  • I wish I could see NYC soon. I love the lights pretty much. I’m a sucker for it. And I don’t know… It fascinates me.

  • Buildings. Dogs. People. Full of busy people. Trash. Teenagers fooling around. Pictures of cities posted on tumblr. Nothing much really. I love to go out but not today. We can see change in cities nowadays.

  • Blasted emotions. Blasted mind. Blasted.

    Nothing much though… But I think it reminds me of the world today. Blasted. Screwed up. Messy. Even more cruel than ever. It needs to be fixed again.

  • God is the only one who has no beginning and no end. He defines eternal and Eternal defines Him. Without Him we wouldn’t see any of his wonders. He is definitely existing in my opinion.

  • I think about God when this word comes on. I didn’t even realize that the word already came out. and I think about love. Love never dies. It is a very powerful thing. It conquers all. Note that God is Love.