• Lorna commented on the post, suspects 6 years, 11 months ago

    In this world, everyone suspects everyone else. Noone is free from the torment of being blamed for something completely out of their control. But with paranoia comes the complete belief that someone is plotting […]

  • Lorna commented on the post, stretcher 6 years, 11 months ago

    Carried out on a thin piece of fabric, tied tightly to two oppressive beams the young man is screaming. Trying to writhe his way out of his confinement- though whether mental or physical noone knows.He is […]

  • Lorna commented on the post, soups 7 years ago

    Soups.. I don’t even know.. Umm soups are good when you want to stay full for longer, they are healthy most of the time and can be made better.. accompany them with a salad and you have a great meal you can eat 3 times a day

  • Lorna commented on the post, minute 7 years ago

    One minute seems like not long but to me it is a lifetime. To any person with depression it is a lifetime. What could happen in a minute?? Life, death, cuts, suicide, pain- anything could happen and we recognise […]

  • Lorna commented on the post, emptying 7 years ago

    The human mind, the human soul is always slowly emptying. We forget life before us, we forget life with us, we have only life now. Sometimes this emptying is halted for whatever reason- this is the time when we […]