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    Pony up. Pony for your daughter? why? which all this excess. Let the animal be free and the human be humble…pony. Be free pony. Be free human. It’s the wisest way to be for both.

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    Epic is word that has been cheapened by this generation. It should be used to describe things like “The Iliad” , or General Custards last stand, the invention of the light-bulb. Your best-friend puking on a police […]

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    She sat in the food court, headphones blaring, 17 and pissed off for no particular reason. She sipped her frozen lemonade and watched the grey haired men on their lunch breaks like animals in a zoo. She examined the distinguished lines on their faces, their crisp suits and handsome ties. She wondered if they had […]

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    She walked down the hall, ignoring the cat calls coming from the cells that lined either side of her. She waited at the end of the hall for the guard to unlock the door that separated her from her father.

  • Julie commented on the post, fluorescent 8 years, 5 months ago

    the fluorescent lights hummed overhead, spewing their sterile blue light over everything. everybody looked pale and sick, like the were dying or already dead. she shuffled down the hallway in her pink slippered feet, shuffling was something she had picked up since she began her stay here. Maybe it was from watching the crazies shuffle […]

  • Julie commented on the post, gym 8 years, 7 months ago

    i worked at a gym for six years. any hopes i had for humanity died behind the member service counter. if the hundreds of 12-17 yr old kids i encountered on a daily basis are any indication of the state of the rest of the country’s youth, we’re doomed. sarah palin scares you? fuck that, […]

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    The smell of bleach stung her nose as she slopped a rag over the mustard yellow Formica table top. These were the same tables she had sat at when she went to school here. She tried not to think about it, but couldn’t help but wonder if the poor bastard who had been the janitor […]

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    Somebody had once told her she hadn’t lived until she had eaten mangoes naked and let juice drip down her arms. Too bad mangoes tasted like dirt and that hippy bullshit didn’t impress her. She couldn’t see that being one of the regrets that snuck up on her as she lay on her deathbed. If […]

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    He tried to kill himself with a flare gun, like that kid in “Breakfast Club”. Except it didn’t go off in his locker, it went off in his hand, pointed at his face. Now he’s lying in a hospital bed with cherry pie filling for a face. It seemed cruel to her as she sat […]

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    Her memories played like an old film reel in her mind, black and white, skipping in places and some scenes lost all together. She remembered, burnt spoons, and traffic lights, the blur of the city as it passed her glassy eyes. And last, a stain on the basement floor that would forever mark where a […]

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    she sat wrapped in a blanket listening to a series of random bangs coming from the basement. a moment later the furnace kicked on and she sighed in relief. a young man wearing dirty blue coveralls rounded the corner, he was wiping his hand with an equally dirty rag, she guessed it had been white […]

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    the drive was endless, but she supposed that was a good thing. delaying the inevitable. Christmas bugged her, she was quite happy to pretend she didn’t have a family, but for some reason she felt compelled to acknowledge them around this time of year. her mother used guilt as some sort of Jedi mind trick, […]

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    He rolled the cigarette perfectly, with ancient hands that had performed this ritual countless times. He licked the edge and sealed it shut, popping it straight into his mouth and lighting it. His children and grandchildren and possibly their children, he was unsure now who was who, told him about filters and lung cancer. He […]

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    Her sister was the success of the family. Married to a hardworking Christian man, 3 children and just the cutest dog you ever did see. And she baked, a lot and well. Jane was the younger sister and had never quite been able to pull her shit together. She wasn’t exceptionally smart or pretty and […]

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    The gravy boat was sterling silver, well how sterling it was these days was up for discussion but it was silver none the less. It had been her mothers, she pulled it out for Thanksgiving and kept it hid away the rest of the time. She felt guilty she’d let it get this tarnished. What […]

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    People say make your own luck, I say “fuck you”. You cant make luck. That’s the point. You have it or you don’t. That’s life.

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    Wrong, that word had confused her since childhood. What made something inherently wrong? It seemed to her there was too much to consider, the wrong being done, the wrong-doer. . . she shook her head, it didn’t matter. It didn’t come up as often as people liked to act. People, they had confused her since […]

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    Ivy covered the front of the building like a cancer. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door. The paint was peeling and the knocker was rusted so he used a closed fist. He waited, bouncing nervously on the balls of his feet. The sky was concentration camp grey today, like the universe […]

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    When he smiled he tilted his head ever so slightly to the left. It reminded her of that dog from those stereo commercials they played when she was a kid. It was endearing now, she supposed. Though, it was the sort of thing she could see driving her mad after 35 years of marriage. She […]

  • Julie commented on the post, calling 9 years, 1 month ago

    The urge was undeniable. A calling almost. she felt it in her bones. Would you call this blood lust? Maybe. She eyed the butcher knife on the kitchen counter. One quick slice and she’d be rid of him forever.