• “I’m sorry, ma’am. Michele is not eligible for chemo therapy.” The doctor was quiet, hanging his head in shame.

    Hazel glared. “What do you mean, not eligible?!” she screamed, frustrated thoroughly.

    “We’re not allowed to administer it.”

    “Screw. You.”

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    The grief broke her mind. She couldn’t make a comprehensible thought. She felt like she was flying. Soaring through the skies, the clouds, the atmosphere. If she couldn’t be without him. It broke her. More… ever so more than she imagined.

    She was flying… soaring…

  • She pedaled down the road, Pokemon safely tucked away in their balls at her waist. She was a trainer- a Pokemon trainer. It was her life, her everything. She panicked if her Pokemon got seriously hurt. Probably a little too much, but no one every really commented. She simply… was.

  • She pushed him back, tears flowing quickly. “Why didn’t you tell me?!” she screamed.

    He was silent, biting his lip.

    “Why?” she asked again, quieter, voice quivering.

    “I didn’t want to hurt you.”

    “Well you already did. Congrats.”

  • The house they lived in was not in good shape- the ceilings were a bit droopy, the floors were scratched and marked. The walls had dents in them. The staircases were far too skinny, and they creaked when you walk up or down them. The house was rented, and it was small, but it was home- they were finally away, alone, together.

  • The feeling ate away at everything I had. It broke me apart and then hastily threw me back together- just to break it all down again. It was more pain and sadness than I could have ever imagined. Yet, I found myself motionless. Broken. Unable to move, or talk. I was devastated.

  • The feeling hurt, and Hazel couldn’t find the word for it. Mich… cancer… death? The words simply didn’t comprehend in her mind. They wouldn’t connect. Like a version of the connect the dots that was simply too large, it wouldn’t work. In other words, she was devastated. It mad her depressed. And more in love than ever.