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    She always looked up at him with bewildered eyes, immediately scanning how his pale skin stretched and contoured across muscle and bone, how his patterned jumpers always seemed one size too large, and reminding herself to cut his hair soon.
    She often found herself with her head back and softly smiling up to him when he conversed briefly with…[Read more]

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    She screwed up her face and wrinkled her nose in a futile attempt to stop her tears forming. Why was she so unable to complete any artwork? Where had her motivation gone? The artist clenched her forearms and then relaxed as she sobbed. This piece meant so much to her, so where had her will run off to?

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    She lifted up the hefty mollusk and shook it a little, putting her ear against the cold shell. Hearing water slosh about inside, she drained it and attempted again. A large smile, out of satisfaction, spread across her face as she witnessed the wind whispering in her ear, spilling its secrets. It was too bad that it’s words were incomprehensible to humans.

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    The stumpy child skipped merrily into the butcher’s, her eyes darting from place to place, glancing at cow carcasses strung up by cable, incomprehensible signs and appropriately cuts of meat packaged in shrink-wrap, neatly arranged on the sterile and white shelves.

    She took the liberty of inhaling as deep as she could, taking in the rich…[Read more]

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    Two sat inside a library, one drawing whilst intently listening to her friend’s attempts to coach her into learning the basics of written Korean.

    She paused for a second and apologised, and began conversing with a sibling on another table nearby. The silent one of the duo kept her head low and silenced her breathing, even more than usual, and…[Read more]

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    The shadow slipped through the smallest of crevices and travelled almost without being uncovered, if nobody sensed and knew of his terror. Where in the fuck is she?, he commonly attempted to scream, soon remembering his lack-of-face bore no mouth. He constantly lost her and was becoming very desperate, so much so that his consumption rate of…[Read more]

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    He almost fell over his own feet as he entered the living room and caught sight of a man clad in business attire, hung from a ledge in their house. A hand of his own flew to his mouth in alarment and felt every muscle contract within his lanky frame, too afraid to confirm whether he had Left or not. Instead, he felt his eyes snap and dart about,…[Read more]