• The client required a reinstallation of the software. I sat across from her desk. Trying to install the software without looking over the screen at her bulging cleavage. She made small talk in her sultry voice. Smiling and twirling her hair playfully. And I began to wonder if this was the real reason she had called.

  • i seldom know what to write when the guys at oneword give random words like seldom. seriously………………………..

  • hahahaha.. what? what a word. reminds me that youth is not perpetual. one day this word will mean more to me than it does now. a whole lot more. until then. i have nothing to say about it.

  • i have nothing to say about this word.

  • no idea what auburn is. is it a colour?
    a food, maybe?
    or is it the kind of sunBURN one gets in AUtumn?
    Somebody help me please.

  • I have no more stories to tell the world. I guess after i turned 21 my life got kinda boring. i’m sure this is only a slump. when i wake up tomorrow the adventurer will be back; slaying dragons and laying damsels…. that is the way things should, and always will be

  • this burning sensation
    And the realization
    that i am not burning at all
    Instead i’m caught in a freefall
    descending into oblivion

  • His timeline was full of posts about suicide. People were surprised he had actually done it because they all sounded like insults to anyone who would commit suicide. to think that the whole time he had been planning such a horific end to his life…..

  • i can feel myself fading away with each passing moment. Dissolving into this thick liquid we call humanity.. soon i wil be just another drop in an ocean.. and my life will be over…..

  • haha.. enemies.. these words get harder everyday. what am i supposed to say about enemies in 60 seconds?? i’m not even sure if i have any of those. Enemies… hatred is a useless emotion. i have none.

  • I never had to eat crow until i was 24. i’m not saying i was always right before that… i’m just saying most of the time i could back up what i was saying. all the time in fact. until i met the one person in the world who was smarter than me…. my wife.

  • I have never bowled once in my life. i’m surprised i even know what it is. oh well.. once more no words to say.

  • who in the hell asks poeple to write about magenta?? i don’t even know what magenta looks like. i know women say it’s a colour. but beyond that i am clueless. R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. Colours of the rainbow.. those are the ones i know…..

  • The last thing i want is to be an anchor. She has the opportunity of a lifetime. A scholarship at Oxford!!! but i just can’t let her go. before she came along my life has no meaning. i cannot go back to that. i simply can’t.

  • Welfare cheques. that seems like a cool thing to say because i hear it all the time in american hip hop and on american shows.. welfare… sounds cool. but it doesn’t sound like their welfare is much cared for.

  • The tears left deep trenches in her make up. what a waste. all that facepowder. i often wondered if it really did make her feel better about being a prostitute.

  • The day i realised what had happened i was shocked beyond words. To discover that the love of my life had fabricated her entire life story! and to discover that in truth she was a killer!

  • I blew a gray cloud towards the door, hoping my ghost would disappear with it. it was in vain. i looked up at the limp body of Cecelia as it hung in my living room. what had i done.

  • a shadow lurking over yonder
    you stand still and ponder
    your next course of action
    he wants a reaction
    from you but you stay still
    using your power of will
    to act fearless………………

  • wow… this is a difficult word. pained. nah.. i got nothing…. i really have nothing to say about this word.