• Life lived without conditions is truly lived. If at all any condition is worth living for is to be always happy. Anything and everything that blocks one’s peace of mind should be removed instantly. Life should adhere to this condition or none at all.

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    She asked me, ‘Do you find me beautiful in moonlight or otherwise?’ He didn’t know what to answer as it had been the light which showed him her ethereal beauty but he longed for her, more of her. How could he ask? Was it right?

  • There lived a creature hopping on the thin shoot of a voluptuous tree who stood in the garden for years. The sound was melodious. It was coming from the songbird who was used to singing for the good of the mankind.

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    There are plenty of things which she had, yet she felt lack of the main ingredient which perhaps could have made her lot more happier than she was at present-love. This feeling never really left her no matter where she went.

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    Many words which come after and before dash end up accentuating the word’s meaning. A small yet powerful words keeps one captivating and anticipating

  • Every person has a secret element in his/her personality. The discovery of it is left to our creativity and imagination. Some find it, some don’t.

  • As they say, grass is always brighter on the other side. People should try and see positive in things because there is always something bright in every situation.

  • All the thinkers have it. Great actors, artists, sportsperson wear it with elan and candour. They look brooding young men with intense minds at work.

  • Heart is a resident of love, close relations, some sweet and some sour memories.

  • Any influence isn’t good in life. Decisions taken independently puts one in a stable position in life. Influence only weakens one’s resolve.

  • Nobody has the power to influence you if your opinion about matters is firm. Weak is influenced. Strong people sail their boat well in time.

  • One can feel cheated many times. However, when one’s consciousness cheats oneself that’s when the red alert should go off. It’s a mark which shouldn’t be neglected.

  • Life is not a contract. It not rigid as a piece of document listing rules and regulations. It is more flexible with all twists and turns thrown in at every turn.