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    He attempted to back up, though the stone wall behind his back stopped him from retreating further. His eyes widened as he watched the looming figure get closer, able to do nothing but clutch at his bleeding wounds and stare in terror.

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    He was well known, but not in the sense that one might think. He stole things, yes, but he never allowed anyone to see his face. No one knew his appearance or his name, but they knew the fear that accompanied walking home alone at night or managing the night shift at a shop.

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    It was chilly outside this morning. The woman gazed upwards at the sky, which was a mix of blues, yellows, and violets, all swirling and mixing together like paint on a pallet. Sarah was bundled in a large, heavy coat, a scarf wrapped around her neck. She pulled it down, breathing out wispy white into the cold air before heading onward down the…[Read more]