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    I have decided to chose you or me for the next event in my life. To be chosen is to be accepted and loved. Chosen is to be wanted, needed and used for life’s work.

  • Alone, by myself, oneness, individuality, first. As I stood, ready to confront the day, I knew I was alone in my conviction. A solitaire thought, a solitaire action and a solitaire response. So, I stand alone, facing my own conviction, owing the world nothing but a solitaire goodbye…

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    The heart is the window to the Soul. OUr heart carries or dispels our deepest feelings and emotions. OUr heart, an enigma, an inanimate object, other than the physical heart contain our heartfelt feelings…

  • Automatic lessens life hassles. It reduces the human role in the world and life itself, yet .

  • Awareness, alert, brought to the moment, time knowledge, I was made aware of his presence. In the moment of time.

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    comfort is warmth, love, home. Anything that relaxes me. Anything that makes me feel warm, good and safe. comfort is safe

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    There was no mystery about it, the relationship was over. She’d lied over and over again. The baby wasn’t his. The baby couldn’t possibly be his, but oh, how wrong he wanted to be… Whenever he held his son, the little baby boy in his arms, he wanted to shower him with evey fiber of […]

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    The stage was set. He had planned and planned for the perfect setting for Glenda. She was a perky, yet beautiful women. The kind of women Marshall decided to make his forever. When the doorbell rung, Marshall took one last look at the dining room setting he worked so hard to perfect, and it was […]

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    A schematic. A decided upon format. A dinner placement. A particular design for any object, person or place.

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    He was warned. She was warned. They were all warned. The possibility of impending danger attending New York City’s Halloween Parade was as certain as turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Paige, immediately knocked down, trampled to death by an oncoming crowd, after shots were fired into the crowd. Hearing gun fire, the crowd became an uncontrollable […]

  • Bosely stood outside his sister apartment before enterring, counting the money he’d just taken from her bank account. Using her secret password, Bosely used the neighborhood ATM machine, withdrawling the bulk of her monthly allotment from Social Security. What would he tell her this month? Bosely made certain her brought the bogus rental receipts.…[Read more]

  • Morality is a thing that some people have and others don’t. Morality is consideration for our fellowman or fellow-woman. We’re not on this earth alone and when we consider others, when we empathize with others and when we treat others as we would want to be treated, then one has morality…

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    Braid or braiding has a long history as a method of hair styling. Origins of the “braid” rooted on the African Continent, found its way back to today’s hair fads… Long, short, extension braids render a powerful statement of ease, beauty, and efficiency of todays hair wonders.