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    He was stalling the interrogation. He knew he had sinned. But what was human nature without a sin or two of its own.He pronounced the words carefully in his head. “I head nothing to do with the trafficking officer” “Honest.” He pondered on another word. “Methamphetamine”

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    The sly fox sat in his tree hole. He was happy being there. The darkness calmed him. It brought him peace and serenity. A calm before the storm they call it. Patience is the virtue of the great. The fox was thinking all of this as he watched the little bunny rabbit walk by.

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    Desolation sounds like something a cobbler would do. “My shoes are in need of some desolation” “Thank goodness we have Bob over here” Wait. I think I meant desoled. Whatever.

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    Sultry sound like a word related to laundry. Maybe it’s because they rhyme. I put all my clothes into the machine and added sultry to the water. My clothes cam out fresh as a cabbage. Where am I going with this? Wait… Sultry right. Humid and hot. Sounds like Malaysia.

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    I was was thinking about my education. Education didn’t come by easily in the kingdom of NOEDUCATION. It’s a weird name, I know. We have been trying to decipher the link between the name and our predicament. But we are so dumb that we haven’t come up with anything yet. How sad.

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    The snake went into it’s little coiled form. It didn’t move from there. It preferred to say in that position until all signs of danger were gone. He wasn’t a very sociable snake. He liked being alone. He was alone. Alone snake. What a sad life.