• Powers commented on the post, suppose 8 years ago

    I suppose that I really should be doing homework right now. But I am an expert at procrastinating, so I’m just convincing myself that this is so much more important. It is more important…to me.

  • Powers commented on the post, playground 8 years ago

    The big tire swing was her favorite, until Becca decided it was hers. Becca was North Crest Elementary School’s bully.

  • Powers commented on the post, evidence 8 years ago

    Clues. Masterminds. Schemes. Detectives. Murders. You know, the fun stuff. Evidence is what always wrapped everything together.

  • Powers commented on the post, pressed 8 years ago

    She was pressed up against the wall with the barrel of the gun slightly tipping off of her temple. She didn’t know what she was supposed to do, if anything. All she knew is that her husband did not forgive her.

  • Powers commented on the post, preoccupied 8 years ago

    What my life consists of daily. Always doing something, always busy. I am never in quiet place… What am I afraid of?

  • Powers commented on the post, convinced 8 years ago

    I am convinced thoroughly. It will happen. It has to.

  • Powers commented on the post, port 8 years ago

    It’s where vessels have a connecting point; the agreeable source. As some philosopher put it, it’s “family resemblance”. Not everybody will agree. There is no universal truth that every single person claims. In order to attempt to at least attempt to get closer to people converting from the belief of lies to truth, we must […]

  • Powers commented on the post, couch 8 years ago

    I have been thinking of moving from this quite uncomfortable chair to the luxurious looking couch next to me for a good thirty minutes now. This shows how incredibly lazy I am.