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    Doing this is much harder than I thought – watching the EURO games and trying to think of something to write with this word.

    Carmel Pathways. That was the name of the homework organizer in HS, but now I’m thinking that was Carmel Connections, and Pathways was the name of it in Jr. High. Weird what info we remember, yeah?

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    tutoring always makes me think of the old Ball State tutoring office, which was one of the best jobs on campus, and were thus impossible to get. I didn’t try very hard to get an on campus job, and I really wish I had. It would’ve been a lot easier, and would’ve made the work/ study balance much easier.

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    My vision is blurry in the morning if I don’t eat breakfast, and my patterns have been off since our engagement ended. I sleep much later, and working from home only feeds into that pattern. I’ve been skipping meals to the point that my body doesn’t always remember that it’s hungry. I need more regular sleep, and to eat as soon as I wake up.

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    I’ve never done a really great prank. The closest I’ve come is rickrolling my friends into going to meatspin.com (do not go there). I used to send things like, “hey our school just recruited the #3 QB in the country” and send a link that looked like ESPN, only to have them get meatspun. It’s been years since I’ve gotten my buddy with that. I might…[Read more]

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    This should really be two words, like “neck tie”. I always pronounce this in my head as a word that rhymes with “bounty”. My buddy Matt’s fantasy football team name is always the Cincinnati Bowties, which I guess is an actual thing. Do not look this up if you’re at work.

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    The collar makes or breaks the shirt. If you wash it too many times, it starts flaring out and you look like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. You can avoid this by getting the ones with the tiny buttons there, but that can look kinda cheesy, and less baller. The ideal mix is a […]

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    laughter is such a powerful thing. Most girls want somebody funny, and I’ve done a lot better with certain chicks than I ever deserved just because I can crack jokes. Candy, flowers, compliments on her shoes – none of these will get you laid like being funny.

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    I love how the orchestra kids always treated it like a sport. It was certainly nothing to be ashamed of, but to walk around and say “we won state back in HS” always seemed weird. Also, the whole ‘getting offended when i suggest you’re in band’ thing was a little old. It’s all playing music, […]

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    to me, abstract was always an excuse for somebody without talent.

    “that guy is a painter”.

    -“oh yeah? kinda looks like he drank paint and yakked on a canvas”.

    “oh, well, it’s abstract”.

    -“ah, suddenly he’s a genius. I must just not have an eye for talent”.

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    I remember hearing my friend’s cousin say, “You is dense, Jon”, in a southern accent (which made it far worse). That was a turning point for me. I realized I hated a southern twang. Nails on chalkboard.

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    I’m choosing ‘Myst’ instead. Anybody recall that game? I never played it, just knew it was something grown ups played, because it wasn’t shooting zombies, explosive barrels, or guys with shotguns – it was a bunch of reading and clue solving. Later on, I read wikipedia to try to figure out what all the fuss […]

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    When I get a chance, I need to check my phone that just vibrated. It’s going to be about a minute, but the suspense is already killing me. I grew up without one of these. How am I so attached now? That said, having one is still much better. I’m a realist, not one of […]

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    Pete and Repete are on a boat. You know the rest, but I remember being a 2nd grader, and having my buddy Brett Cadogan’s older brother Joe get me with this about 10 times before I figured out what he was doing. I remember people being so much older back then, he was probably in […]

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    answers, huh? I remember sophomore year of HS in Earth Science, when my buddy was an idiot, so he’s make a little piece of scratch paper and toss it to me, so I could fill out the answers for him and throw it back. It was the only class he received an ‘A’ in. Last […]

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    I always thought ‘solved’ was a weird word to use for beating a video game, but i distinctly remember some survey asking how long it took, on average, to ‘solve’ a game. A kid I knew even used it that way. It was like hearing a guy say ‘nuc-u-lar’ instead of ‘nuclear’ – nails on […]

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    Why are we so afraid of spiders but not a moose? I think it’s because insects (and arachnids) are so alien looking. Is there anything our size that has twelve eyes and eight legs…and is hairy? They’re just disgusting. I am somehow more afraid of them than I am sharks, but probably because I’ve never […]

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    I used to live a few hours from the airport in Detroit, and it was a big deal to me at 5 years old, that one would fly overhead. We then moved to Minnesota, and lived right near the airport, and I suddenly lost interest. insignificant, but it did stick out to me. I tasted […]

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    delight always seemed like kind of a girly word growing up. To a degree, it still does. I struggle to find a situation where I’d say I was “delighted” without sounding like a cheeseball.

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    probable, probably, in all probability – such qualifiers. We’re so afraid of being held 100% to our word, or nitpicked, that we have t say things with one of these qualifiers in front of them. The human element has been removed from a process. This word eliminates the exception…at least, probably.

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    So wait…I’m confused…after washing dishes, am I supposed to completely rinse the sponge out? or just leave stuff in there? I mean, it’s just soap, right? Can there be bacteria that grow in soap? Isn’t that the point of soap? Or have I finally stumbled upon the difference between ‘soap’ and ‘antibacterial soap’?