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    I am a single thought spun into the universe so as to create something bigger than myself. I, together with good intentions, flaws and a radical blend of ideas, have the notion that whatever materializes into my mind has the legitimate capability of coming alive. I am a sudden trail of bright red ink spilled over onto a starry white canvas,…[Read more]

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    I’ve always wanted to change my hair color. I was thinking a deep red with a tint of purple. Auburn is nice… it has red tones in it. My father has always been in love with Auburn hair. He says it’s just seriously really gorgeous, so I figured… what would happen if I dyed my hair to auburn? Maybe I would catch someones eye, maybe I’d overhear…[Read more]

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    The fact that I fucked up looms over me constantly. It eats me alive and settles in my stomach and waits. The graduation date looms over me, the apprehension filling my chest with fear and uncertainty. The countdown of days before I say goodbye, this too looms over me. the feelings of affection and longing but also fear of the unknown with you and…[Read more]

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    I cannot wait for the simplification of my life when summer comes along and sweeps me back up like an old friend. I want the heat to make me curse and sweat and groan. I want to feel the A/C in my best friends car while we cruise down the street like old times, all of us, the whole group. Bring me back the simplicity of last summer when we played…[Read more]

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    Stories are nice. I like telling stories. I’d say I’m a relatively good story teller, the way I can craft them in to grand schemes and add humorous tones to them. I like hearing peals of laughter around me as I go on and on about things that happened when I was little, or last week or even in the past 20 minutes. What i love most though, is that…[Read more]

  • People will believe anything that is credible. Obviously. If it wasn’t credible then only a fool could fall for anything. But why is it that the worst people, the selfish, ignorant, hateful, prideful, superficial ones, have all the credibility. As if it were that believable to assume that because one has large amounts of money that they must be…[Read more]

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    the rate at which people fall in love varies from person to person. Some people all at once. Some people, over a long period of time. But what is the rate at which someone has fallen in love with me? certainly not all at once. Possibly over a period of time. A long period of time. I believe for some reason, that the rate at which someone could…[Read more]

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    My timeline isn’t a really happy one. In the beginning, confusion. Realization of insufficiency. knowing that I wasn’t good enough. Soon after came an ignorant bliss that shrouded the truth my family members kept from me. that my friends judged me for. Next, a struggle to keep going onward. To continue making friends that “had my back” and “loved…[Read more]

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    All she could think about was another dimension. A different reality than the one she had been thrust into. Somewhere she could escape to. Where she could find daunting heroes, brave princesses, castles and rivers and valleys. Temples of Time and Caverns galore. So she ensued this reality as hard as she could, only to have to wake up to crowded…[Read more]

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    She clasps on to his flannel shirt, about to collapse within herself. “Don’t go. Not yet” she pleas. She’s loved too hard, spent too many late nights, too many starry nights with him to let him go. So here she goes, about to confess it all to this beautiful boy. And she does. And he stays.

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    She lay in the grass reminiscing about all of the things that had brought her up to this point. How her whole past, every memory, every moment, awful or completely wonderful had made her into what she was today. How it all was centered around this one incredible, enchanting moment. and she realized that she had never felt more triumphant in her…[Read more]

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    The local coffee shop always held the most interesting and fascinating people. The aspiring artists, the faded inspirations, the lingerers. And then, you. Who would have known someones soulmate could be found around the corner at a local coffee shop. Only Fate and God.

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    soon. She said. Soon. She threw on her tea cup dress and bolted out the door. her tresses bouncing behind her. She flew through the door only to be caught mid-jump down the stairs. They were here. He was dead. And she… herself, was gone.