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    isn’t it funny how many things in life have a naval reference? friendship, relationship, courtship. when people thought the world was flat, they could not wait to get onto that ship and begin their voyage to the horizon. So our interaction with every individual might be just that, a voyage into the unknown, maybe that is why suffix ‘ship; is so common.

  • nationalists have evolved into citizens. we crave for a sense of belonging to something bigger than us, and as nations grow and become too large and diverse to identify with, people identify with their cities.
    but trust me, even citizens fight over territories. no one can tame that rage, it is just justified by different magnitudes of territory

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    It is rare indeed that you see a wonder as shiny, as astounding. As bright as a star, as warm as the core of the earth. Comet, his eyes as I gaze deep into them, his tongue as he rushes to lick me and his paws as they trample me over to return the ball he had just fetched.

  • Boarding a plane to the next leg of your journey called life.
    Boarding the ship which carries you away from the shores of your past.
    Boarding, snowboarding and skateboarding on the pavements of heaven. (Counting Crows)

  • Wonder what it is about a woman who is half a fish tickles the fancy of men. Lost at sea, out on choppy waters and thrown asunder by tumultuous waves, why do men crave such a creature? Perhaps that they won’t have to eat her out, they can simply eat her.

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    If only you had an eraser for memories, for physical characteristics, for some people, and if only I could erase those words that are emblazoned in my mind forever : You are not enough.

  • A second chance
    Restoration of that which is gone, else that which no one hopes
    Each day I wake up with the revival of hope that it will be slightly better than the last

  • Suspenseful, the moment before you find out if what lies behind yet another door is an opportunity of a lifetime or yet another door? What if life is just a series of doors till we arrive at the gates of heaven and this is the almighty’s twisted yet genius plan?

  • The moment before I open my eyes from a dream is suspenseful, like which was the dream and which is the reality.