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    He sat there on that bench watching the charade as if he was not their scapegoat. They had stripped him of his dignity, that had been easy enough. They had taken everything he owned and had demolished his reputation. The events of the past six weeks had completely unravelled twenty years of hard slog. As he took stock of the losses he calculated…[Read more]

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    At the forefront of Beeker’s mind was an imaginary world. He has spent the summer months populating it with the type of creatures and heroes that could put Mrs Thompson back in her place any day of the week.

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    Georgia began in workmanlike fashion, setting out her brushes and palettes in precise arrangements. It was the calm before her storm. The easel had been a gift from her grandfather. He had used it to paint the brutal atrocities of war. Once her colours had been mixed in the exact shades of the desert sky before her, she leaned in to the canvas and…[Read more]

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    High in an apartment in mid town Manhattan Josie took occupancy of her grandmother’s living room and began to write. Aided by only coffee and single malt whiskey, she pieced together the story that would unravel Politis and shake the foundations of Wall Street. All the while she felt nervous, terrified by the consequences of her truth. She lost…[Read more]

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    Seemingly charmed, George had to work hard to compensate his family for his absence. The influx of gifts was constant. They cleared spaces for more flowers, jewellery, toys and games. In April they arrived home one day to find a golden labrador puppy pooping on the doormat. In August the dog was joined by an Andalusian pony who outgrew the back…[Read more]

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    If there was a more positive wavelength available she lacked the fortitude to grab hold of it. Her thoughts and emotions stuck like glue to the spinning top that spiralled endlessly downwards. She knew the way ahead was inevitable. She put her head down and waited cautiously for a head on collision with catastrophe.

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    Hers was an unkempt mind. She had hidden herself in a small windowless room and lived for years in the hazy glow of 24 hour cable tv. She favoured talk shows and soaps, to which she sat glued aside from the moving parts that fed her popcorn and noodles, donuts for morning tea and bars of chocolate for dessert.

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    She had wanted to love him. Stay close. But after they televised her undoing on national television there was little hope. Her dad was a man of simple means. He preferred the predictability of country life. As long as there was beer and cricket he could not find the headspace for her complicated ways. He couldn’t understand her struggle let alone…[Read more]

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    The ramshackle outhouse at the bottom of the garden held dark secrets. It was there, with the rusty remnants of her ancestors piled so high they blocked the light from every window, that she tended to her collection. She had cleared a table in the corner of the room, under the broken light, and laid out each bone with meticulous care. She was busy…[Read more]

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    He came from a murky place, where there was little to keep him warm at night and his flea ridden dog doubled as a blanket.

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    Her voice was hypnotic. She delivered news of massacres in Africa and a crash in the Dow as if it were a seduction. It was terrifyingly obvious that this woman could do me great harm. Would do me great harm. I fidgeted, picked up the phone and dialled her number.

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    Allanah was always an obscure child and no wonder. Eggs and sperm from questionable Catholic stock were deposited hastily into a test tube and she was conceived in the mish mash. Not a match for her stronger, more viable embryonic siblings, poor Allanah was placed unceremoniously into a freezer for more than a year where she sat full of unrealised promise.

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    Politis had grown used to the irritation of having to run a number of legitimate businesses in order to mask his real revenue streams. So long as you were armed with a good lawyer and a couple of mugs willing to fudge some paperwork for the price of a promotion, stealing from the punters was a far easier way to make money.

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    She did everything full force. Where other kids would fall out of bed and slip into their jeans, throw on their flip flops, Jessica turned up to college in heels and pearls.

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    New Years Eve hadn’t gone exactly to plan. After a few rounds of champagne cocktails, during which Jackie had managed to keep up respectable banter, the evening deteriorated quickly. By midnight she found herself with her face wedged up against a the passenger window of a red toyota, while a stubbly uni student called Derek grappled amateurishly…[Read more]

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    There were four of them in the elevator. Within the fifteen seconds it took the to travel to the ground floor one of them had revealed that he was once an Archbishop. Another man, the tall one with grey eyes and his arm in a cast stared him down and calmly declared that he had been raped five times by the Archbishop of Boston when he was nine years old.

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    In a profession of narcissists he rose to the top by virtue of having the biggest ego of them all. When the courtroom crossfire began he was everything you hoped your lawyer would be; vicious, captivating, intensely detailed and completely lacking in moral fortitude. He would happily persecute the most innocent of victim to bring on a win.…[Read more]

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    She became a reckless buyer of financial products which were beyond the realm of her understanding. It was dangerous. And unbelievably profitable.

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    Olivia was somewhat offended by the offer of crisps and beer. Her celebrity inflated ego had run ahead of itself and she now fancied herself snacking on more becoming snacks like Columbian chocolate and truffle infused canapes. She sneered at the waitress. A glass of Veuve please darling. And take those away.

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    The battle against them had lasted seven endless years. Like a bad tempered ocean increasing momentum with time, it had pushed them over, then under and under again and again.

    Each fragile attempt to resurface and live was met with resistance. More more threats, more charges, more demands, more legal fees and court appearances. But there came…[Read more]