• “Citizens of LA LA Land !” Luna Rave yelled. “Run wild! Throw caution to the wind!” She threw her arms up as the crowd roared. “For this is a place without judgment!” She laughed. “A place to be yourself, whatever that may be…. A place where time, distance, normalcy …. has no meaning!” She extended her hand over the crowd. “Hug freely!, love freel…[Read more]

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    Elle breathed in and
    out hard and fast. “You’re ready” Kai’s voice was firm. “I don’t have much choice so yes I’m ready” She held in a whimper. “Focus on
    something else, place your energy there” Kai instructed. Elle could focus on nothing but the pain before the massive glow of the moon caught her eye. It looked closer and the stars brighter…[Read more]

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    “That’s what we do Addie!” Nelson shouted at her. “We’re thieves!” He laughed. Addie stared at him in silence. “We rob people, we steal” Nelson walked closely around her like an animal trying to intimidate its prey., but Addie kept her feet planted firmly on the ground. “We kill people too” He leaned into her with his velvet tone, allowing his…[Read more]

  • Slideshow.

    “Hit rewind please” She says softly. “Just once more” She holds her head down. The wheel turns slowly abruptly stopping before the black and white reel goes again.

    The slideshow of life. She’s allowed one more glance. Picture after picture, memory after memory long gone. Good and bad. Doesn’t matter now, can’t turn back. “Was it…[Read more]

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    What is your self worth? “$1” Is what I used to say to my sister Judy to make her laugh. She gave me the dollar and I glued it in my journal. She’s been gone for four years now and I can still hear her laugh. If it’s one thing she taught me is that my worth is much more than the $1 I teased about. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what yo…[Read more]

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    Timing is everything. A single moment can change the entire direction of your life. Good. Bad. Who knows unless you take that step. Time isn’t always on our side like The Stones say, but if we work on our timing I would hope we can make things better. Timing is everything.

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    “Come closer my dear” The oven says in a tone that reminds me of a snake. “Peek inside” It says. I bend down slowly to see what emits such an amazing aroma from the dimly lit oven surrounded by darkness. Could it be cake? Could it be cookies? I cup my hands to the greasy glass peering closer but see nothing inside. No, not again. The light abruptl…[Read more]

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    This morning all i could do is CRY. Cry because not only did i think id never feel “that way again” but i never thought it would be YOU who made me feel that way. I cry for release of tension and bottled up anger that will devastate me more. Rather than pay you back or make you go through what i did…. i CRY

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    Keys. Always lost. I swear i left them on the counter. Perhaps they do grow a pair of legs and walk away. Maybe that is their sense of humor, their way to communicate. Always hiding. Keys jingling is keys laughing. Silly lost little keys. Hidden doors unlocked and all.

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    I’ll never understand why some people won’t allow you to merge when your lane is ending and there is nowhere else to go. Do they think it is safer for them to speed up or slow down to match your speed? Stupid. Plain stupid. This is why i rarely ride my motorcycle. Just be safe and merge!

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    a bottle can make a beautiful piece of art. I prefer wine bottle. I don’t drink but fortunately my friends do. They gave me all their empty wine bottles which i then painted and sponged to use as a babies breath vase for the walk way at my wedding this past March. Plain. Simple. Beautiful.