• The oak door creaked as I pushed my way into the old brewery. Tears brimming my eyes, I looked around at the last piece I had left of my father.

  • I looked in the mirror one last time, placing the final touches on my outfit. The clothes I choose to wear will dictate what people truly think of me…

  • I felt joyous upon getting the news. It was like a new world was opening up to me, a new window to look out of, a new door to open. I look down, and I smile. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to share my treasure with the entire world. Can’t wait till my treasure becomes unrevealed. I’m pregnant.

  • I couldn’t stop talking. The thoughts in my head were spilling out of my mouth as if I no longer had control on what I wanted to say. What I wanted him to hear. I see the hurt flash through his eyes, quickly covered with his mask of indifference…and I regret it instantly.

  • I hid in the trenches steadying my breaths so i wouldn’t be in as much pain.
    Looking down i observed the wound i had received from the bullet that had firmly lodged itseld into my thigh.
    prodding it, it took all my control not to scream out in agony.

  • I feel the vines enclosing around my body lifiting me from the ground.
    The way there green leaves sweep me away
    Its surreal
    I feel my body, losing its zest
    My mind shutting down
    Hoping for a rest
    I close my eyes
    and let the darkness within
    Death isn’t bad
    If its the vines taking you in

  • To be honest. I don’t know what the word mean, but for some reason it makes me think of something that’s very calm and surreal. Peaceful and almost distant. It sounds like its meant to be a word that brings everyone to a nice standstill.

  • I was drowning. The realization had finally sunk in as i tried to claw my self to saftey. Attempting to grasp any thing solid to heave my self up I thought about what was happening to me. I thought about how he was wrong. No, my death wasn’t to be by flames…but by its enemy.

  • I was drowning. As the realization sunk in i attempted to grasp a solid frame in attempt of keeping my head above water. I thought my death would be by flames, just like all the loved ones who left me. Looks like i was to be unique.

  • I can’t help but think that my life is crumbling down into nothing. I thought it was perfect, with my doting husband, my gorgeous mother, my angel kids. But who knew i conjured up this fantasy in my mind when the reality is so different…

  • Turning around i stifled my startled gasp as i saw what had become of my dear friend. His face was marred with scars, his eyes darkened to an obscure black with his hair long and tangled. I reached out to touch him, but atlas, he was beyond reach.

  • I look around my room. The white walls intimidating me as they stand up taller than my petite figure could ever be. I feel lost. Insecure, in this room of white. But i have no way out, no escape for my fate.

    So i close my eyes.

    To cave into the blackness.

  • the weathered window was illuminated as the lightning flashed across the sky. It wasn’t me…i didn’t commit the murder yet they’ve kept me here against my will claiming i was dangerous to society.
    I know it wasn’t me, but fate is not in my hands and i can’t help but feel afraid for i don’t trust the person who has it in theirs.

  • when I was a child I could really grasp things fast though as the time has passed the grasping power has been not so sharp as I would anticipated with the maturing of the age .

  • Grasped. Its a word often use to finally get something. Whether you grasped the meaning, or the item your getting something. Grasped. Odd word, many writers use it but when in real life? Grasped. Like grabbed, but more emotive. Grasped.

  • my arms were flailing around as i slipped on a patch of ice. My friends laughed at me as i landed on my buttox, while the imitated my flailing gesture. Though they seemed to find this quite amusing, i couldn’t hep but feel slightly peached at them for it severely hurt.