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    The cassette tape played as they drove down the highway, the wind blowing through the windows as they sang a long to the old songs. They weren’t even particularly good songs, just songs that brought back the feelings of their youth — of their childhood. When days seemed to go on forever and things were so much simpler. Back when their family was…[Read more]

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    They took a tour of the castle. It was one of the first stops on the beginning of their world tour, the one that Chrysanthemum booked for them before she was called away by her parents. Zacky was minimally impressed with the layout of the place. It was just like he expected to be, typical, boring, and completely unoriginal. He didn’t understand…[Read more]

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    She cut the corners off of the square sheet cake, the four sides becoming eight. It was an experiment, perhaps she was trying to see if she could make the cake round instead. She kind of had lost her round cake pan a couple of weeks ago and hadn’t gotten around to buying a new one. She was being a bit picky this time, she bought a cheap one last time.

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    He told her to steer clear of that area of the forest. Steer clear of those people. She didn’t see anything wrong with them. They were unnaturally beautiful, sure, and that made her a bit uncomfortable, but the forest creatures weren’t dangerous. She wished that she could make her brother understand that. But she couldn’t. Instead she snuck out in…[Read more]

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    Well, I’m sure that I already wrote for this word in the last twenty-four hours, she thought to herself when she opened the webpage. But it’s a holiday, so the site runners might be a bit lazy today. So she glanced out the window, gathering her thoughts. It was a hailstorm coming towards her. Not outside, not literally, but figuratively.

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    Oh. this started.

    It was raining. Well, it was supposed to be raining. That’s what the weather report had said anyway. But that wasn’t what they got. What they got was ice. Large, hard, rock-solid balls of ice that shattered as they fell and made horrifying tapping noises on the windows. Ellen shivered listening to it.

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    The railroad path was long. Cut through a forest just outside of town. It marked the end of the city limits and the beginnings of where she was told very specifically where she could not go. If she wandered too far, she could end up lost to the fey.

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    The wagon was large, brown, plain wood. It was a bit old, splinters snapping off the sides, the inish not quite as smooth as it might have been when it was first built. Chris looked at it skeptically. She had never ridden in anything so dingy and unsophisticated in her enitre life.

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    He touched her and it felt nice. Words workds workds marked marked marked i have not words to say about tis particular word, but I do like the word marked. Marked is a nice word. I have a series about marks, demons marking humans as their own, a thing that had initially started to protect human lovers but quickly corrupted into a game to taunt one another.

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    She made the executive decision to run away. It was the best choice, really. she didn’t want to become what they wanted her to be, but if she stayed she wouldn’t have any other choice. It wasn’t quite what her best friend was telling her to do, to deal with the situation. It was better. If she ran away, it all just disappeared, right?

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    so this won’t be a story or anythin like that, more like a rant about feeling like I’ve downgraded my life or something. I had a lot of things going or me at some point. Like. Seriously. I was doing well.. But I’ve always had to rely on other people, and now I see where that’s gotten me. But I’m still doing it, huh?

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    She continued to pound away at the wall, with no care for her fist or the flesh that was being scraped and bloodied in the process. Let it hurt. Let it bleed. Hell, let the wall DIE, she just wanted to stop feeling so HURT. She didn’t want to feel so frustrated or scared or upset or angry or ANYTHING.

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    The institute was large, way larger than any school had the right to be. The lawns were large and bright green, a stark contrast to the dark brick buildings. It all screamed money and prestige, but all Ami really saw was pretentiousness.