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    There are many methods of torture. The wooden pony, the knee-splitter, the rack, but none as painful as the saw. The saw was originally not used for cutting wood, but for cutting the pelvis bone of Spanish inquisition victims, as thy hung upside down from their ankles, entirely conscious ’till the saw hit their heart.

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    The brass pot glistened with the steam that billowed from the pan next to it. Beads of water tricked down the pot’s surface just as sweat down the cooks. Human hands had to be cooked so precisely!

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    The boy sat in the room, writing the same illegible curly runes across the floor. He looked up at the walls, covered in the same odd symbols, and smiled. He stood up, still grinning, and walked over to the small, barred window, looking out at the guards. For a high security vault, he thought, the protection was rather minimal. Against magic, that…[Read more]

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    I walk into the beautiful room, with high arched ceilings and rows upon rows of sweet smelling books. The odor overwhelms me, as I feel the spines of those that I pass. It is the most wonderful sensation; being engulfed completely in the wonder of knowledge, a feeling teeming with information at your fingers, in the air, all around you.

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    There once was a square, who sat in a tree all day and dreamed what it would be like to be a rectangle. One day, the Sage-Circle came up to his tree, and the square asked “Why can’t I be a rectangle?”
    “But you are!” Replied the circle, “You’re a perfect rectangle.”
    The young square was shocked, and thus asked the circle why he was…[Read more]