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    Time is limited. But this day is eternal. But too many mundane tasks bombard my scattered, sleepy brain. No more! I am putting my foot down. I stand here now, for the all the daylight and moonlight to come, sipping my #espresso and participating in the glorious dance of life. @oznolem #oneword

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    One of the was left behind, too far behind to catch the pack. Days grew shorter. Colder. And hunger stronger. It kept on the trail for the whole season, but still couldn’t out pace the lead. So it seemed destine to remain alone, #unrelated to the world. @oznolem #oneword

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    The world had moved off it axis of time. The water began to pour in to the heavens. I looked over at my girl friend, the #motel’s soft neon lights melting around the curves of her body. If this is the end, this isn’t a bad. @oznolem #oneword

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    Go back to the time when the elements of life where untouched. When the creatures would roam from the darkness of the jungle to its edge, where the #purity of the day’s uncontaminated light shown. @oznolem #oneword

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    Could it be, somehow that the words I’m #instructed to write have nothing but the purpose of mist flowing down from the heavens, seeping into the earth… to return again as the sun warms the new day, enticing the moist earth to give to the heavens that gentle, soft touch? @oznolem #oneword

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    Vultures of the soul creep out from the dark to devour the innocence I have nurtured. Fighting them is a fools task, for every time the #vultures are agitated, they return with vengeance in my dreams to seep the vitality out of all that is dear to me. @oznolem #oneoword

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    Nothing is #known in this moment. Everything is changing. Yet karma is absolute. A heart destitute, drifting alone waiting for the dusk of my last breaths approach. Living the unknown, knowing I’ll do so with no one to hear my cries… that is pain. @oznolem #oneword

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    What time is there left when the whole of my mind seems to shift through and by the totality of the moment, in a fractal moment, an eternal #mode of expansion and contraction. @oznolem #oneword

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    Enough. Once is too many times to taste death’s dark nectar. But I kept going, and began to kill myself every day. Every night I killed myself. @oznolem #drinking #oneword

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    It’s no falsehood to say that tradition can be lost to the new generations. What is lost is a sense of attachment who we are as a humans in the past that did not work. We are now having learned from the past. Embracing truth and success, even the failure is recognized. Growing from what in the past did not work and making traditions the things…[Read more]

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    My life is #loading. Pixels inching one-by-one towards the end is at once exhilarating and in the same exhale it is sickeningly frightening. What happens when it’s completely loaded!!? The end? That’s it? Loaded. Done. Dead. @oznolem

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    That smell of freshly baked candy coated pecans, oh how it reminds me of the joys of home. Of seeing my beautiful wife’s smile and my children running to me. A #passport with a thousand stamps can not compare. @oznolem #oneword

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    Live in Imagination.

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    In the car we spoke much about the #lint in our pockets. Interesting right? Well, it pissed us off. We could not understand how those pieces exist. Why they exist. @oznolem #oneword

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    This is how it will be: You take a seat. I watch. I wait. You sit. You watch. When we are done, when the Master gets here… I alone will speak. You listen. Be #casual. Because if you blow your cover, we both die. @oznolem #oneword

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    I follow The Great Way of the Wind. When a potent premonition enters my mind as thought, without concern for #perspective as it relates to my character and memories, I act. @oznolem #oneword

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    If I had landed in the time of life that creates exponential possibilities, then perhaps I may have become a greater master of creation. I am here now, without any #safeguard, and I am not sure if I can return through the passage of death. @oznolem #oneword

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    the door was locked and i couldn’t figure out why. didn’t i leave it unlocked when i left before? is it possible that he was here? i rack my brain but can’t remember if i ever gave him a key or not. i fumble with mine, trying to get enough of a grip around the brass in order to slide it into the lock and make my way in. my fingers are so sweaty,…[Read more]