• a dress of gold and glitter sown with the most deft hands on this side of the sea. she twirled around the room holding the fabric in her hands- all the while dreaming of the days events. this was the day; the day that everything changed. she was ready.

  • one over the other, to whom go the spoils? to the victor or the victim?

  • home is where the heart is, and right now i feel like it has been scattered with the wind. i don’t know where it is i belong anymore.

  • your words caught me off guard and your face became my knight in shining armour. i had never seen or heard such beauty but i knew, seeing you, that i had seen the utmost in the divine that this earthly prison had to offer. all i could wish for was to reach the heavens and […]

  • that which my life has revolved around for the past several weeks, and moreover the past twenty one years, and potentially to the very end of my life. i will never stop learning, and i never want to.

  • I am Icarus and you are a solar flare and I want to ride the wave of our love to the ends of the universe and be enveloped by your warm arms for all of eternity.

  • music encircles me in a steady hum, the beat of my heart syncing up with the music of the world. i spin with it, arms spread out- stretched out fingers hoping to brush against the fabric of the music- to hold on to the beauty for a moment longer.

  • move the things in my life around you.

  • games played with veiled eyes and batting lashes. hand held close to the chest and sleeves rolled up to the elbows so we cannot cheat. blood coursing and pins prickling. all will win this game some day.

  • you are squares and triangles and circles that don’t fit in to my less than mathematically laid out life.

  • drawn to you.
    smile spread across my face i am pulled close your body like a magnet. my body is full of iron and opposites attract so your positive pulls my negative and we connect and become one perfect equation of love.

  • i pushed my patent leather shoe deeper into the dirt as i fumbled with the buttons on your shirt and smashed my lips into yours as the rain cold crashed down, wave after wave, on our warm bodies. i swear there was steam.

    i hope i didn’t get mud on my shoes.

  • the clang of swords buzzes in your ears
    as you wake from a seemingly peaceful rest
    the night is silent and stale
    yet your heart beats a mile a minute.

  • i give you pieces of myself
    so that you may go on
    and live the life you deserve.

  • deft hands and nimble minds are my tools of the trade. i wield the pen and form words into thoughts and thoughts into dreams and dreams into reality all with my hands and mind.

  • so throw your tantrums and spew the hate and shout the curses- but know that you are just another one of the crowd. you are not a unique little butterfly you are a sheep following the heard.

  • i want you too.

  • your arms around me keep me warm at night and safe during the cold evenings. the memory of you wraps itself around me protecting me- my white knight, in shining armour, with sparkles and courage and love in your eyes. keep me safe within this castle full of our love.

  • philippa weston commented on the post, dull 8 years ago

    it is grey but not a vibrant grey- rather one of dust settling. it is cold, but not the cold that chills you through to the bone, the kind that just lingers. it is dull today.

  • philippa weston commented on the post, warfare 8 years ago

    the conflict within her built up until it was pushing itself into every part of her being. the one thing she desired was piece of mind. all she wanted was peace.