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    and on the silk she wore. the dim light just looked sweet on her legs. Can’t really know what i’m describing but the fact that she’s there is all I needed

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    I have a favorite hood sweater. Red and made of wool. Keeps me warm and makes my chest soft for you to cuddle on. I don’t know if you would ever again. Sure someone else will, but I hope you make it back first if you once consider me again

  • yesterday’s word. oh great moderator, where art thou. Change the word. Hmmm.. chocolate.. Do’h!

  • Better than chocolate melting in your mouth during sex. You must have been enjoying your freedom since that

  • the piano sounds like a carnival and the microphone smells like a beer……….. I love that song

  • I charged at the wall. A tower in my hand. I before I hit the wall, I slammed the equipment on the concrete. Everything was falling two years ago. There was little left to do. Sometimes I need something to break. I haven’t broken anything out of anger except a heart

  • at times I want to stick a needle in to see how it feels. I am too strong for such a thing. Drugs will not make anything better even to forget about a previous year and it’s end

  • A have to admit one fragrance she wore didn’t smell so good…

  • I have an alarm setting on my Ipod. I like to use the alarm tone. It sounds very alarming and makes me wake up as if I was in some sort of panic. As if I’ve woken up from a nightmare. A good way to wake up responsibly.

  • I don’t believe in fate. I don’t believe in a controller for my life other than me. I don’t believe in things meant to be, or not to be. I choose what is supposed to happen to me.

  • Jelly donuts are gross. Once I heard a dirty comparison of first fingering a vagina felt like fingering a jelly donut. Read it in Sleepers. Good book.

  • too write and print a full page of my mind is complicated. Takes forever. I don’t have the patients. One day after something happens I will. Something life changing. Sad or happy it may be. Think Think Think I don’t know what it is i should do

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    I have been leaning toward the kind of hope that I can not specifically want. I take it all as it comes, rather than look hard for the path and the reason I choose to head forth

  • I dropped everything you and I had. I gave up. I didn’t know what you wanted. For that I am forever sorry..