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    There is mass confusion in the ranks of today’s Army and mass differentiation between ideals of the personal and professional mind. How many more ways there are to distinguish a time for change than at the exact […]

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    He flexed his fingers, once, twice, trying to gauge for the amount of damage he’d done to himself in the dark confines of his own mind.

    What would Ceto think when he saw this?

    Nithin gazed down at his broken […]

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    Don’t think, just write. It’s a shame when, as soon as I see the word SPARKLING, my thoughts turn to anger. Because you know what? Vampires don’t sparkle. And that’s not just me being an asshole. I actually liked TWILIGHT the first three times I read it. Then I knocked my head outta my ass, […]

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    Haha. I actually happen to know a couple of Lilys. That’s Lilys. L-I-L-Y-S. Because their name dictates nothing less. Keely, that whore, has taken my best friend for a whirl, and she’s upset everything that’s good about the Lily name. Which, let’s face it, ain’t much.

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    This is a six-word split case of pneumonia. And I couldn’t care less. As far as things of the world go, , simple items of this instance are to be ignored. Now, on the other hand, say if there’s a lion… with thorns in its paws… you should re-evaluate your situation in life because obviously […]

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    I’m a real estate agent for life. It’s more than selling property–it’s selling a lifetime, selling memories, selling potential, selling people’s dreams, selling families, selling idealism. You wanna give someone what they never gonna get and make ’em believe in the end that it’s all worth it. I’m also running short on friends for the […]

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    Oh, the ages melded together in their discord, their absolute representation of ages told in stringy, lengthy a capella. But the rulers and their lords never exceeded foretelling; it was their splendor, simple and pure, and so entrenched in tradition that it eluded exposure, that lasted.

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    The force of acquiescence crippled even his slightest breaths, awkward bones creaked as he bowed against his will. So far, in as many lifetimes as he had endured, never had any of them converged with such concentrated hatefulness with this kind of inevitability.