• She hears a ringing in her ears- it’s all too much. Everything else FADES OUT as the buzzing takes over. Fuck, fuck, fuck, she thinks- I’m at work, I can’t handle this; calm down Laura, calm down. The ringing continues. But then- as she’s about to panic-

  • She shakes her head and her bangs shake with it. She’s twitchy, he thinks, body moving every few seconds it seems like, she’s- she’s like a bird actually. Big eyed and scared looking and constantly, constantly moving, looking around and never sitting still, yet never saying a word. Twitchy, he revises. She’s twitchy.

  • His fingers reach out for his hand, the tips just tickling past his flesh, but-

    Nothing. He can’t get a grasp on his hand, can’t reach the distance, can’t manage to clasp what he wants- quite literally- in his hand.

  • she felt this way, but didn’t look it. Couldn’t see the lines when she looked in the mirror… But she felt it. Her heart, her chest, her lungs… They all felt withered and old and sad. Like they had lived too long too soon, seen too much in too short of a time frame. Her heart especially, cracked and dry and lonely.

  • there’s a note on the dresser, but she doesn’t need to read it to know what it says. At least the gist of what it says, anyway. He’s gone. Gone. She’s finally done it, pushed him too far.
    “Oh god,” she says […]

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    it’s blue, a dark blue, maybe you’d call it a midnight blue if you were going to get technical. All he really sees though, is that it’s cool. It’s COOL. It looks like it would fit perfectly to his head, would look […]

  • Move: left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right. You can do this, you can transform yourself, make everyone take back their opinions of you. You push yourself harder and faster. You can’t run any more, […]

  • The light burns her eyes as she fumbles into a bush, the torch spinning around and hitting her instead of the ground that’s in front of her. She stills and takes a deep breath, closing her eyes for a minute and […]

  • She thinks about it, she really does. But she doesn’t end up going. “Because that would mean making a decision about something in your goddamn life, wouldn’t it?” her sister mutters with a roll of her eyes. […]

  • He can’t help himself. He knows she doesn’t care about this stuff; that she’s grown up forcing herself to not need or want it, telling herself that it’s all stupid and improbable and that it won’t happen for her, but… But he can’t help himself. So he puts down the flowers by the door with […]

  • Does it matter? Will this actually ever achieve anything for any of them? He hopes so. He sighs and holds his sign a little bit higher, and it feels like the sun burns just that little bit brighter, makes his back feel a little bit warmer. He feels a pleasant tingle go down his spine […]

  • He wears a suit, his dark hair clipped short. She eyes him from her spot at the juice bar, wondering if he’d ever look at her. Look at her ratty old jeans and the mascara that’s probably smudged under her eyes if she knows herself well enough. She rests her chin on her palm and […]

  • She sucks up the mess with a calculated ease. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. If only the rest of her life was this straight forward. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and-

  • Can you move fast enough? Can you take the leap and move yourself? Can you do it? Can you move fast enough and get there on time? Can you? Can you?


  • Can you do it? That little voice asks in her head. Do you really think you can do this? Do you really think you’re good enough- She tries to shut her brain off; that inner monologue for just a minute. Just a minute. Just. A. Minute. “You can do it.” She whispers to herself before […]

  • The light flickers on and off and she wonders if she really has to get up and change the bulb. …Does she have to? Will it really make all that much difference? Won’t the light just flicker on in- The room shutters into darkness. He sighs as he wonders in from the kitchen, smiling bemusedly […]

  • He used to be in a band, she remembers suddenly. It’s late at night, and she’s torturing herself by looking through her yearbook. God. It was hell, wasn’t it? She notes bemusedly, in the way that you only can when it’s all over and done with. But then she sees his slim face again. Dark […]

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    It lies there, waiting, forever waiting. For what, no one knows. From what, everyone does.

    Well, she does. It’s what she does. Inspecting bones; skeletons. Dissecting someone’s life in- in-

    They live, they die and then she finds out why.

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    It sits in her lips, the smoke protruding all around her in lazy circles, floating, and floating, and floating away. She told him that she’d quit. And, you know, she really did mean it at the time. But she just… She needed it. That one fucking thing in her life that when everything went wrong? […]

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    She shouldn’t still be doing this, expecting things from him. Yes, he was her father. But first and foremost, he was unreliable. Out for himself. Alone in the world. She shouldn’t be expecting a present, or his presence… She just… It was nice to hope. It was nice that she could expect, at the very […]